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Jabalpur to Rajkot Flights

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Looking to book a Jabalpur to Rajkot flight?

The Adani One platform is your one stop-shop if you are planning to travel from Jabalpur to Rajkot. You can book your flight tickets and get every detail you need to plan your journey through the Adani One platform. You can choose the day of your departure and arrival and check the price options for other days too using the detailed airfare calendar Adani One provides. Furthermore, depending on the time you are travelling — non-peak season, early morning flights, etc. — you can also get discounts and comparatively cheaper flight options. You can check all these out on the Adani One platform. It is recommended to book a return ticket at the same time to avail the best discounts and cashback deals and offers.

Currently, there are no direct flights from Jabalpur to Rajkot. Most of the flights have a layover at New Delhi or Mumbai. At the moment, SpiceJet is the only airline catering to passengers going from Jabalpur to Rajkot. There are approximately five flights every week between the two cities. The aerial distance between Jabalpur and Rajkot is 947 km and it takes around 7 hours 55 minutes to cover this distance.

Flights from Jabalpur to Rajkot


About Rajkot Airport 

Rajkot Airport is the fourth busiest airport in Gujarat. This airport connects all the major cities in India through direct and connecting flights. It has all the basic amenities, like free trolleys, lounge rooms, a childcare room, taxi services, etc. to make travel easy. There are several shops and stores at the Rajkot Airport.

The airport lies 4 km from the Rajkot city centre, and the Rajkot railway station is only 2 km away from the airport. The IATA code of this airport is RAJ. There is an upcoming airport currently under construction called Rajkot Greenfield Airport, which will be an international airport.

About Rajkot

Rajkot is one of the cities founded by Rajputs and was the capital of the former Saurashtra state. Today, it is the fourth-largest city in the state of Gujarat, and is a key transportation and commercial hub. This city lies near the centre of the Kathiawar Peninsula.

The rich history of this city is one of the key attractions. It reflects the rich culture of India. Several rulers have governed the city since it was established. The city is popular as the residence of Mahatma Gandhi. He spent most of his childhood here.

The climate here is hot and semi-arid. The best time to visit Rajkot is during the winter when the weather is pleasant. A few things that you can look out for in the city include silk work and gold jewellery. There are many beautiful places to be explored. There are several educational institutions, including Rajkumar College. This city is home to Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, where several international cricket matches are played.

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Ranjit Vilas Palace

Ranjit Vilas Palace is another popular destination in Rajkot. This place has much significance in terms of history and culture. It is a good place to explore the architectural and historical beauty of Rajkot.

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Kaba Gandhi No Delo

Kaba Gandhi No Delo is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Rajkot. This is the home of the Gandhi family. This home is converted into the Gandhi Smriti Museum, which showcases their life in photographs. The building is also used to hold sewing and embroidery classes.  

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Lang Library

The Lang Library is one of the most attractive places to see in Rajkot. This huge library is home to Kathiyawadi as well as Gujrat literature. There is a huge collection of fictional and reference bookshere and is a must-visit. 

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Pradhyuman Zoological Park

Those who enjoy adventurous travel will find Pradhyuman Zoological Park quite enticing. It is located near Lalpari Lake in Rajkot. This is a famous tourist attraction that spreads over 137 acres of land and is home to several species of animals and plants.

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Prem Mandir

Prem Mandir is a beautiful Syro-Malabar church. This church features a collection of architectural styles of different religions, like domes inspired by mosques, mosaics of Christ, and more. The beautiful architecture of the place makes it a perfect tourist attraction

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Watson Dolls Museum 

Another popular place in Rajkot is the Watson Dolls Museum. It is an attraction that brings thousands of tourists to Rajkot every year. This museum is located inside Jubilee Garden, which commemorates Colonel John Watson. The museum has a lot of history, including many artefacts found during the Indus Valley Civilization.


About Jabalpur Airport 

Jabalpur Airport is also known as Dumna Airport. This airport is located 25 km east of the city and is the third busiest airport in Madhya Pradesh. Jabalpur Airport was built in the 1930s and has been used periodically since World War II. The government of India is continuously improving the facilities available at the airport. This airport connects the whole of eastern Madhya Pradesh with other cities in the country. At this airport, there is only one terminal dedicated to domestic flights, and the total capacity of the airport is 75 each at both arrivals and departures. The IATA code of Jabalpur Airport is JLR. There are trolleys available at the airport, along with wheelchair facilities for old and specially-abled passengers. There is a childcare room, medical and first-aid facilities, drinking water, restroom, and a tourist information centre available at the airport.

About Jabalpur

Jabalpur is home to several beautiful marble rocks. Located in the centre of Madhya Pradesh, this city is situated in the ‘Mahakaushal’ region, known to have a rich history. This is the place where Jabali Rishi lived. The scenic beauty of this place is a key highlight of the city.

This beautiful city is located on the banks of the Narmada River, which adds to its history. Jabalpur is a strong administrative, industrial, and business centre of India. This city is a land of historical diversity since several kingdoms have ruled over it. Rani Durgavati Museum, located in Jabalpur, preserves a lot of ancient discoveries.

The exotic beauty of this place also makes it quite attractive for tourists, especially for those with an interest in archaeology and geology. The art and craft of this city are also vibrant. The place is also home to several beautiful tourist places, like the Dhuandhar Falls, Madan Mahal, Balancing Rock, and Dumna National Reserve.

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Dhuandhar Falls

Dhuandhar Falls is one of the most attractive places to visit in Jabalpur. This waterfall is 98 ft high. The force with which the water of Narmada River flows over the rocky surface is captivating. The exquisite beauty of this waterfall welcomes tourists from all over the world. You can enjoy a boat ride, a picnic on the riverside, and sightseeing.

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Marble Rocks 

Another popular tourist attraction in Jabalpur is the fascinating Marble Rocks. Located along the Narmada River, this fascinating mountain of marble rises up to 100 ft. The marbles appear in different shapes and colours. The blend of white, black, light blue, and green colours brings out the charm of the place. You must try out the cable car safari or boating to enjoy the views.

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Balancing Rock

Balancing Rock is one of the most exotic places to visit in Jabalpur. It is a miraculous wonder of nature that attracts thousands of tourists to the city every year. This is an offshoot of eroded volcanic rock. The fascinating thing about this balancing rock is how the upper rock is balanced on the lower rock. It has survived several earthquakes. This place is a must-visit in Jabalpur.

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Madan Mahal Fort 

One cannot forget about Madan Mahal Fort while in Jabalpur. Located on the top of a rocky hill, this beautiful fort was built by Raja Madan Singh and originally served as a military post and watchtower. The secret passages, war rooms, stables, and small reservoir makes it one of the most attractive places to visit in the city.

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Chausath Yogini Temple

Another key highlight of the city of Jabalpur is Chausath Yogini Temple. This temple was built in the 10th century by the Kalachuris, making it the oldest heritage site in India. The 64 shrines each have a carved figure, making it very appealing.

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Bargi Dam

Bargi Dam is located just a few kilometres away from the main city. This dam is one of the first 30 completed dams on Narmada River. This dam was built for irrigation and power generation. You can also enjoy paddle boating, speed boating, water scooter rides, and picnics.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there are no direct flights between Jabalpur to Rajkot. The flights have a layover either at New Delhi or Mumbai.

SpiceJet is the primary airline operating from Jabalpur to Rajkot at the moment.

There are in total five flights that operate between Jabalpur and Rajkot every week.

Yes, many hotels are available near Rajkot Airport. Some of the popular ones include Patricia Suites, Imperial Palace, Siara Styles and Marasa Sarovar Portico, to name a few.

The city is well connected by roads. If you are to reach the airport, we highly recommend you either drive there or take a cab. You can easily find a taxi here.  

The IATA code of the airport is JLR.  

Yes, you can pre-book the flight from Jabalpur to Rajkot at the best possible price on the Adani platform.  

Yes, there are many eating joints available at Jabalpur Airport. There are many cafes from where you can order food.

Jabalpur is most famous for its marble rocks on the Narmada River, especially the balancing rock. 

The signature foods of Jabalpur are malpua, khoye ki jalebi, seekh kebab, poha, and biryani.  

Due to its cultural orientation and its traditional values and artistic characteristics, Jabalpur was called “Sanskardhani”, meaning the capital of cultural influences.  
Airport Information

Rajkot Gandhigram Civil Aerodrome, Gujarat 360006

Jabalpur Airport Area, Khamaria, Dumna, Madhya Pradesh 482005

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