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Patna to Kozhikode Flights

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Are you looking for cheap flights from Patna To Kozhikode? You can purchase your air tickets on Adani One, your booking platform. It offers you a comprehensive airfare calendar to assist you in selecting the best flights, whether it is a flight from Patna to Kozhikode or a return flight from Kozhikode to Patna. You can select your flight according to your desired dates, time slots, and budget. Adani One platform also assures you of cashback offers, air ticket deals, and amazing discounts on both direct and connecting flights, which are regularly updated. Major domestic carriers, such as IndiGo, Go First, Air India, and AirAsia are available on the platform.

Currently, there are only connecting flights between Patna and Kozhikode. These one-stop flights have layovers in cities like Bengaluru, New Delhi, or Hyderabad. There are multiple flights in a week on this route operated by IndiGo and Air India. These flights have a travel time of around 9 hours.

So, check out Adani One’s airfare calendar and book your flight from Patna to Kozhikode!

Flights from Patna to Kozhikode


About Kozhikode Airport

Kozhikode Airport, also known as Calicut International Airport (IATA: CCJ), is situated in Karipur and serves the city of Kozhikode. It is rated as the third busiest airport in Kerala. It is located around 28 km from Kozhikode city centre.

The airport was accorded the status of an international airport in 2006. The airport has one integrated terminal with separate domestic and international entrances. The terminal has 23 check-in counters, 42 immigration counters, five customer counters, and three security check counters.

Kozhikode Airport has all necessary amenities for its visitors like luggage wrapping, free Wi-Fi, ATMs, baby care facilities, assistance to senior citizens and physically challenged passengers, duty free stores, currency exchange counters, luggage carts, medical aid, a business centre, rest rooms, and police assistance. There are several restaurants and cafés serving a variety of foods. There are also juice and coffee booths. Numerous stores, including bookstalls and duty-free shops are available at the airport.

There are many hotels near the airport, including the Park Residency Ramanattukara, Tamarind KTDC Easy Hotel, and Hotel Lemoshe Inn.

The best modes of transport to reach the city are taxis, transfers, or car rental. There are a few city buses that help passengers travel between the airport and city. Passengers can easily get an auto-rickshaw from the airport, which is a cheaper mode of transport.

About Kozhikode

Kozhikode is a city in the south Indian state of Kerala, situated along the Malabar coast. During the Middle Ages, this city was a crucial port on the Malabar coast and a major trading centre of Eastern spices, earning it the name City of Spices.

It is believed that calico originated in Kozhikode, which was once a famous cotton-weaving centre, and hence the erstwhile name of the place was Calicut. Vasco da Gama, a Portuguese navigator, arrived in Kozhikode in 1498 thus opening a trade route between Europe and Malabar. A fortified trading post was built in 1511 by the Portuguese, but it was abandoned in 1525. The English landed in the city in 1615 and constructed a trading post in 1665, followed by the French in 1698, and the Dutch in 1752. Hyder Ali, the military commander of Mysore, captured the city in 1765 and destroyed it. The city was later rebuilt in 1790.

The city exports coconut products, ginger, coffee, pepper, and tea. The main industries include sawmills and tile making, coffee curing, and hosiery works. Pooram festival, Utsavam, Malabar Mahotsavam, Jalotsavam, and Revathy Pattathanam are the major festivals celebrated with zeal in Kozhikode. Malayalam is the primary language spoken by the local people. However, languages like English, Arabic, and Hindi are also spoken.

In Kozhikode, visitors can sample a variety of cuisines. Vegetarian fare includes the sadya, which is a full-fledged feast with rice, sambhar, pappadum, pickles and seven different side dishes. Some popular non-vegetarian dishes include Kozhikode biryani or Malabar biryani, ghee-rice with meat curry, seafood preparations, and paper thin Pathiris to accompany the spicy gravy. A famous delicacy of the city is Kozhikoddan halwa. It is made with coconut oil that gives it a characteristic taste and makes it healthier. The city is renowned for its folk songs or ballads known as Vadakkan Pattukal.


About Patna Airport

Patna Airport, officially known as Jay Prakash Narayan International Airport (IATA: PAT), is located around 5 km southwest of Patna. The airport is managed by the Airports Authority of India. Patna Airport is well connected with the city and adjoining areas by taxis and auto-rickshaws. The parking area can accommodate 300 vehicles. Passengers can also avail of car rental services to reach the city. The airport is about 5 km from Patna railway station.

The airport has a single terminal and one runway serving only domestic flights. Popular airlines like Air India, Go First, and IndiGo operate flights from Patna Airport to major Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Ahmedabad.

Travellers can use bank ATMs, snack stalls, information kiosks, and Forex counters at the Patna Airport. A visitor information desk and healthcare centres are located in the Departures section. An air ticket and hotel booking kiosk are located at the arrivals counter to aid tourists. The airport has trolleys for passengers to easily transport their luggage. Wheelchairs are available upon request for physically challenged passengers. A child care area and assistance for physically disabled and senior passengers are available at Patna Airport

patna airport
About Patna

Patna, the ancient city of Pataliputra, is the capital of the state of Bihar. The city sprawls along the River Ganges’ south bank. Patna is home to many museums, archaeological sites, mosques and other historical monuments. A casket containing the Buddha's remains is exhibited at the nearby Indo-Saracenic–style Patna Museum. The Golghar, a domed mediaeval granary, is located near the Ganga River.

The city was founded in the 5th century by Ajatashatru, king of Magadha. The city was then ruled by the Mauryas, the Indo-Greeks, and the Shunga dynasty. Pataliputra became a seat of learning in the 4th century CE when it was the capital of the Gupta dynasty. The city declined by the 7th century but was refounded as Patna by an Afghan ruler in 1541. It rose to prosperity under the Mughal Empire and in 1765 was seized by the British.

Although Hindi and Urdu are the official languages of the city, the majority of the population speaks Bajjikaa, Bhojpuri, and Angika. Most people are descendants of the ancient Magadha Empire. Litti chokha (made of chickpea flour) and khichdi are the favourite staple foods of the local people. The other delicacies include makhana, rasia, khurma, kesar peda, naivedyam, thekua, khaja, dal peetha, and pedakiya. The Sonepur Mela, Pitrapaksha Mela, Kite Festival, and Chhatth Puja are the most important events in Patna. Tribal cultures' folk melodies and dances are well-known, including the Chhau dance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kozhikode has a beautiful green countryside, tranquil beaches, historic attractions, wildlife sanctuaries, rivers, and hills. Kozhikode is a wonderful location for a vacation because of its unique historical culture and welcoming atmosphere.

You can buy homegrown spices like cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, rosemary, etc. and locally grown green, Oolong, and black tea. Handicrafts made of rosewood, coir, and buffalo horn, banana chips, and the local Kozhikodan halwa are the specialities of Kozhikode.

Calicut was the earlier name of Kozhikode.

The Gandhi Maidan is one of Patna’s most prominent features. It is an illustration of Patna's reputation of being the epicentre of major historical events. This maidan is one of India's most well-known historical sites, and it also houses the world's highest Mahatma Gandhi statue.

Naivedyam (made of besan and dry fruits) is a popular sweet dish of Patna. The other famous sweet dishes include khaja, kesar peda, and parwal ki mithai.

Savoury dishes like til barfi, jhaal mudi, choora, thekua, litti chokha (made of chickpea flour) and khichdi are the popular savoury dishes of Patna.

Patna Airport is also known as Jaiprakash Narayan International Airport.

Kozhikode Airport is located around 28 km from Kozhikode city centre. 

The IATA codes for Kozhikode and Patna Airports are CCJ and PAT, respectively.

Kozhikode is known as the ‘City of Spices’ for its role as the major trading port of homegrown high-quality spices like Indian long pepper, clove, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise, vanilla, rosemary, etc.

Patna's original name was Pataliputra or Patalipattan. Patna's name has changed many times since the city was established. Some of its earlier names were Pataligram, Kusumpur, Patliputra, Azimabad, and so on.

Patna Airport is located around 5 km southwest of Patna city.

Sonepur Mela, Pitrapaksha Mela, Kite Festival, and Chhatth Puja are the most important local festivals celebrated in Patna

You can try the vegetarian fare, which includes the Sadhya, a full-fledged feast with rice, sambhar, pappadum, pickles and seven different  side dishes. Some popular non-vegetarian dishes include Kozhikode biryani or Malabar biryani, ghee-rice with meat curry, seafood preparations, and paper thin Pathiris to accompany the spicy gravy.
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Airport Information

Kozhikode Calicut Airport P.O, Calicut Airport Rd, Karipur, Kerala 673647

Patna Shaheed Pir Ali Khan Marg, Bhatpura village, Sheikhpura, Patna, Bihar 800014