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Pune to Hubli Flights

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If you are looking for Pune to Hubli flights, you have arrived on the perfect platform. Scouting for flights can be a hassle. That’s why Adani's one-stop platform allows you to check all available flights from Pune to Hubli and Hubli to Pune in a seamless manner. The Adani platform lists flights by all airlines on the Pune-Hubli and Hubli-Pune routes. Discounts on online booking of flights to Hubli get updated regularly. You can book cheap two-way flights if you have a return date planned and avail of additional discounts offered on booking return trips. Adani lists offers, cashback, and discounts and also displays a fare calendar for choosing cheap flights from the Pune-Hubli route in case of flexible travel dates.

Currently, there are no direct flights available from Pune to Hubli. However, there is a stopover flight option available for this sector. The IndiGo flight from Pune and Hubli via Hyderabad is the only available flight from Pune to Hubli currently. This route has around a two-hour layover at Hyderabad. The Hubli airport is connected to several cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad via direct flight routes.

Flights from Pune to Hubli


About Hubli Airport

Hubli Airport (IATA: HBX) is a domestic airport with one terminal. It is located 7 km from the city centre and caters to visitors from North Karnataka, including the Dharwad district. Hubli Airport has direct flights operating to major cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai and Hyderabad. Cabs are one of the most convenient ways of commuting from the airport. Taxi aggregators, too, offer their services in Hubli. The Hubli airport offers services like trolleys, first-aid rooms, toilets and wheelchairs for the passengers’ convenience.

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About Hubli

Hubli, also known as Hubballi, is the second-largest city in Karnataka. The twin cities Hubli and Dharwad together make up the Hubli-Dharwad Municipal Corporation. Hubli has a rich cultural heritage and was known as Rayara Hubli. It was a major commercial hub of the Vijayanagara Empire. Over the years, it had been ruled by the Mughals and the Marathas. After the British took over Hubli, a railway workshop was established here, paving the way for Hubli as a commercial hub.

In modern times, Hubli has developed into a major commercial centre of Karnataka and is currently the epicentre of Karnataka’s agricultural trade. It is emerging as a major education hub and has several educational institutions of repute located here. The city is known for its beautiful locales as well as its rich cultural heritage. While the Unkal Lake and Nrupatunga Hill give you a glimpse of the natural beauty endowed to the city, the Chandramouleshwara Temple and the Banashankari Temple let you take a peek into the architecture styles of the different kingdoms that reigned over Hubli.

Hubli is also known for its traditional cuisine. Girmit, Jolad Roti and Bhajji Mirchi are some of the renowned dishes of Hubli. Dharwad Pedha, a popular sweet in North Karnataka, is a popular sweet in Hubli.

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Banashankari Temple

The Banashankari temple is located in Amargol, Dharwad. The temple primarily worships Goddess Parvati in her Banashankari form. A Shiva linga is also worshipped in this temple. This temple is another architectural marvel of the region and depicts the Nagara style of architecture. The navaranga mandapa inside the temple has pillars adorned with sculptures depicting revered Hindu gods. 

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Chandramouleshwara Temple

Chandramouleshwara Temple is one of the oldest temples in the state of Karnataka. Known for its Chalukya architecture style, the temple is estimated to be around 900 years old. The deity worshipped here is Lord Shiva. The Chandramouleshwara temple is a visual delight owing to the sculptures and pillars carved in black granite. Its location near Unkal Lake makes it a popular tourist attraction. 

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Nrupatunga Betta

Nrupatunga Betta or Nrupatunga Hills is a small hill that has been a popular tourist place in Hubli for decades. The recent beautification of the area with more lamp posts, better pathways and well-maintained gardens has made it more endearing to visitors. The place has a children’s park with swings, merry-go-rounds, slides, etc. You can also try out some of the local vegetarian dishes at the restaurants here. Visit the Nrupatunga Betta for its picturesque views and tranquil environment.

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Shri Siddharoodha Swamy Math

The Shri Siddharoodha Swamy Math is a renowned place of worship. It commemorates Swami Siddharoodha, who led the life of an ascetic. The Math was built in 1929, where Swami Siddharoodha took samadhi. People visit the place to pay respects to Swamiji, who followed the philosophy of non-discrimination. 

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Unkal Lake

The Unkal Lake in Hubli covers an area of 750 acres and is known for its scenic beauty. It is popular among tourists and locals alike as an evening leisure spot. Unkal Lake’s beauty is augmented by the statue of Swami Vivekananda in the middle of the lake. The lush green garden surrounding the lake offers a great atmosphere to enjoy sunset views on the lake. The lake also offers boating facilities.

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Utsav Rock Garden

Utsav Rock Garden is a contemporary sculpture museum. Located in Gotagodi village near Hubli, the numerous hand-sculpted art pieces in this garden will take you on an art-filled journey across the rural heritage of Karnataka. Some of the exhibits in the garden give a glimpse into the lifestyle, costumes and professions undertaken over the years in the state of Karnataka. 


About Pune Airport 

Pune Airport (IATA: PNQ) is located in Lohegaon, 10 km away from Pune city centre. It is one of the international airports situated in Maharashtra. Pune Airport has a single integrated terminal. The integrated terminals handle both domestic and international flights. The airport provides world-class facilities, including ATMs, baggage wrapping, currency exchange, baby care rooms and smoking lounges for the convenience of passengers. The airport also has food and beverages outlets.

The best way to travel from the city to Pune airport is by taking a cab. Fleet taxis are available outside the terminal, and passengers also have the option to take pre-paid taxis. There is a bus stand (Burma Shell stop) situated at a five-minute walking distance from the airport. Terminal buses to the city operate at an interval of every 30 minutes. The Pune airport is connected to all major Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Hyderabad. It is also connected to an international location, Dubai and Frankfurt. Go Air, IndiGo, and SpiceJet are the major flight operators in this airport.

Pune image
About Pune

Pune is a major city in the state of Maharashtra. Apart from being an education hub, the city is also known for its historical significance. Pune served as the capital of the Maratha Empire during the 18th century. Later, when the Bombay Presidency was formed, Pune was its seasonal capital. Today, the city has risen as the chosen hub of many industries, including information technology, manufacturing and automobile. Pune is also the headquarters of the Southern Command of the Indian Army.

Pune is known as the cultural capital of Maharashtra. It is home to numerous places of religious and historical importance in the state. Due to the abundance of prestigious educational institutes in the city, it is unofficially called the “Oxford of the East”. The city enjoys a pleasant climate all year round. Pune is bestowed with scenic views and is well connected to all major cities via air, train and road. With hill stations like Lonavala, Khandala, Khopoli, and Matheran just a few hours away, Pune is a preferred destination for vacationers.

While enthusiasts of history and culture would enjoy visiting the numerous forts and temples in the area, nature lovers can head to the zoo or the Japanese garden to soak in the natural beauty of the city. The cuisine in Pune is greatly influenced by the Peshwas, the erstwhile rulers of the region. Puran Poli, Amti, Pithla Bakhri, Varan-Bhat, Bakarwadi and Shrikhand are some of the must-try dishes of the region. Although known for its cultural significance, Pune has developed into a modern city with numerous malls and entertainment hubs as well.

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Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park

Also known as the Katraj Zoo or the Rajiv Gandhi Zoo, this park is spread over 130 acres of land in Katraj. More than 60 species of animals native to the Western Ghats and the Deccan Plateau can be seen at this zoo in dwellings similar to their natural habitats. The zoo has facilities like drinking water, toilets, and battery-operated vehicles and also offers educational activities on animal welfare. The location near Katraj lake makes the place an ideal picnic destination for families with kids.

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Parvati Hill

Situated at the height of 2100 ft, Parvati hill was built during the Peshwa dynasty and is one of the oldest heritage structures in Pune. The hill houses shrines of Lord Devdeveshwar, Lord Vitthal, Lord Kartikeya, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Rukmini, and Goddess Parvati. One hundred three steps lead visitors to the top of Parvati Hill, which offers breathtaking views of the area.

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Pataleshwar Cave Temple

Pataleshwar Temple is a place of worship dedicated to Lord Pataleshwar. It is located on the Jangli Maharaj Road, and the temple is known for its architectural beauty. The temple, which is said to be carved out of a single rock, features sculptures of Hindu Gods like Lord Ram, Goddess Sita, Lord Ganesh, etc. Connoisseurs of culture and architecture will love spending time here. It was built during the 8th century.

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Aga Khan Palace

Built in the late 19th century, Aga Khan Palace is of great significance with regard to India’s struggle for Independence. Mahatma Gandhi, Kasturba Gandhi and others were held captive here during India's freedom struggle. Due to its close association with Mahatma Gandhi's life, the palace also houses the Gandhi National Memorial Society. It has a picture gallery depicting Gandhi's life and is also home to the samadhi of Mahadev Desai and Kasturba Gandhi.

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Shaniwar Wada

An iconic symbol of Pune's rich heritage, Shaniwar Wada was once the seat of the Peshwas of the Maratha Empire. It was built by Bajirao-I in the 18th century. Though the palace was destroyed in a fire in 1828, the structure remains as proof of the might of the majestic Maratha empire. There is a light and sound show in the evenings, showcasing the history of Peshwas.

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Sinhagad Fort

The Sinhagad Fort is located on a cliff among the Sahyadri mountains, around 1300 feet above sea level. Previously known as Kondhana Fort, one can also find the memorials for Tanaji Malusare and Rajaram, who lost their lives during the battle of Sinhagad fort. The trek to the top of the hill is an adventure in itself, and the views of the Sahyadri from the fort are worth the climb. The fort is frequented by nature lovers for its views and by culture enthusiasts for its relevance in political history.

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Airport Information

Hubli Gokul Rd, Gandhi Nagar, Hubli, Karnataka 580030

Pune New Airport Rd, Pune International Airport Area, Lohegaon, Pune, Maharashtra 411032

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, there are no direct flights between Pune and Hubli. Connecting flights are available with a layover in Hyderabad. 

The flight from Pune to Hubli has a duration of over 4 hours and 25 minutes. This flight operated by IndiGo has around a two-hour layover in Hyderabad. 

Hubli airport is located at a distance of 7 km from Hubli city. 

Hubli Airport is the airport nearest to Hubli. Panjim (Goa), Mangalore and Belgaum are other nearby airports. 

Currently, IndiGo is the only carrier operating on the Pune-Hubli route. 

Passengers aboard the Pune-Hubli IndiGo flight in economy class are allowed hand baggage of 7 kg and check-in luggage of 15 kg. The baggage entitlements vary according to airlines as well as the class of travel. Please confirm the baggage limits on the flight booking platform or airline’s website. 

Cabs are one of the most convenient ways to commute to the Hubli Airport from Hubli City. Auto-rickshaws, buses, shared cabs, etc., are also available to transit from the airport to anywhere in the city. 

The Hubli Airport is located on Gokul Road, Gandhi Nagar, Hubli. 

Goa International Airport (IATA: GOI) is the nearest international airport around Hubli at a distance of around 186 km. 

Currently, there is only one flight operating daily from Pune to Hubli. 

Hubli is around 413 km away from Bengaluru. By road, it takes around seven hours to cover the distance. Additionally, direct flights are also available from Bengaluru to Hubli. 

une Airport is at a distance of 10 km from Pune City. 

IATA code of Pune airport is PNQ, and that of Hubli is HBX. 

Unkal Lake, Nrupatunga Betta, Sadhankeri Park, Indira Glass House, Chandramouleshwara Temple, Shankara Math, etc., are some of the nearby places one can visit in and around Hubli. 

The distance from Pune to Hubli is around 437 km, which takes about 6 hours and 30 minutes to travel.
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Airport Information

Hubli Gokul Rd, Gandhi Nagar, Hubli, Karnataka 580030

Pune New Airport Rd, Pune International Airport Area, Lohegaon, Pune, Maharashtra 411032