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Rewa to Bhopal Flights

Rewa to Bhopal Flights

Are you looking for the best deals on your flight from Rewa to Bhopal? The Adani One platform presents offers and discounts that can make your travel from Rewa to Bhopal easy, affordable, and convenient. Whether you are booking a one-way ticket for your flight from Rewa to Bhopal or a round trip, you can choose the most suitable arrival time and price for your trip. By looking up the detailed fight calendar on Adani One, you can pick your preferred departure time and make the most of your trip. On this platform, you can find the flight schedules of all domestic airlines. For flights from Rewa to Bhopal, there is one available flight by IndiGo. For the best air ticket deals on both direct and connecting flights, book your tickets for travel from Rewa to Bhopal on Adani's platform today! There is one flight for travelling from Rewa to Bhopal. The nearest and most convenient airport for travelling from Rewa is Allahabad's Bamrauli Airport. It is a less-travelled route, and IndiGo is the only airline to operate a flight on this route, that too on select weekdays. The shortest flight time between Allahabad and Bhopal is 1 hour 40 minutes (Flight timings and durations are subject to change over time. Do check the platform for the latest details). Allahabad takes approximately 3 hours to reach Rewa by road. Visitors can travel to Bamrauli Airport by train or bus as well. The cheapest way to reach the airport from Rewa is by train. The shortest travel time by train is 2 hours 4 minutes. Book your tickets today to avail the cheapest deals and discounted airfares for your travel from Rewa to Bhopal!

Flights from Rewa to Bhopal


About Bhopal Airport

Officially called the Raja Bhoj Airport (IATA: BHO), this airport is an international airport located in Gandhi Nagar. It is located around 15 km away from Bhopal's city centre. It is the second-busiest airport in Madhya Pradesh after Indore's Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar Airport. Raja Bhoj Airport is the first airport in Madhya Pradesh to be powered by solar energy, back in 2013. While the airport facilities are impeccable, only a single integrated passenger terminal handles domestic and international fliers. The busy airport has several facilities to ease travel to and from Bhopal. The terminal hosts several eateries and shops where travellers can spend their time before flights. Duty-free stores are also available for shoppers. In addition, the airport has a post office, currency exchange, free Wi-Fi, and a Lost & Found Department. The nearest railway station is 15 km away and is accessible either by a rented car or taxi. Bus services are also functioning between the airport and the city centre.

About Bhopal

Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, is one of the greenest cities in India. It gets its name from ‘Bhoj Tal’, which roughly translates to a ‘lake constructed by Bhoj’, a Hindu ruler. The city is known for its stunning natural attractions and booming medium- and large-scale industries. Along with other popular tourist destinations, such as Udaipur and Shillong, Bhopal is known as the 'City of Lakes'. This is because the various natural and artificial lakes spread across the city are used for drinking water and recreational activities. Bhopal is located on the Malwa Plateau, to the north of the Vindhya range. The city is a major rail junction and is home to many industries, such as cotton and flour milling, cloth painting, and weaving industries as well as manufacturers of transformers, traction motors, and other heavy equipment. The city also has a rich history. It was founded in 1723 by Dost Mohammad Khan. Later, it became the biggest Muslim princely state during the British reign. Bhopal was declared a municipality in 1903 and remained a separate province until 1949, two years after India's independence. Bhopal replaced Nagpur as the capital of Madhya Pradesh in 1956, when it merged with the previously established state. Eid and Diwali, both, are celebrated with great pomp, and sweets are exchanged liberally between the two celebrating communities. The history of Bhopal is evident in the architecture of the multiple palaces and mosques in the city. The Indo-Islamic style of buildings is prevalent across the cityscape. Bhopal's main cultural centre is Bharat Bhavan. It hosts many theatre and film festivals annually and attracts art lovers from across the country. Van Vihar, Upper Lake, Lower Lake, Moti Masjid, and Sanchi Stupa, among other attractions, testify the rich history of Bhopal. Bhopal's public transportation system is fairly functional, with buses and automobiles available in most parts of the city. You can also hire a taxi for a day to explore the city.

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Gohar Mahal

Gohar Mahal, built by Quidisya Begum (the first female ruler of Bhopal) in 1820, offers a unique blend of Hindu and Mughal architectural styles.  The spacious hall overlooks a gorgeous lake, and its courtyards and intricate interiors speak of its rich cultural heritage.  It is among the most visited structures in the city by people that come to learn more about Bhopal's royal past.

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Moti Masjid

Sikander Jahan Begum, one of the most creative and liberal women of her time, founded the Moti Masjid in 1862.  Owing to its splendid architecture, it is one of the country's most interesting mosques. The mosque, built with beautiful, pure white marble, is strikingly similar to Delhi's historic Jama Masjid.

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Raisen Fort

The majestic Raisen Fort, located about 37 km from Bhopal,  is on a grassy hill flanked by numerous temples and contains multiple wells and a vast reservoir. The fort, claimed to be over 800 years old, is home to a temple, a mosque, and many domes, only two of which have survived the centuries. 

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Sanchi Stupa

The majestic Sanchi Stupa has remained an unrivalled spot in the city. It is one of the unique places to visit in Bhopal, and at large, in India. The structure was built during the reign of King Ashoka, the great monarch of the Maurya Dynasty, in 3rd century BCE and is one of the country's most spectacular Buddhist monuments. 

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Upper Lake

The Upper Lake is known as 'Bhojtaal' or 'Bada Talab'. It is India's oldest artificial lake and a popular tourist destination in Bhopal. The lake, built in the 11th century, is encircled by Kamla Park, a vast royal park that is a major tourist attraction that draws in thousands of people each year.


About Rewa Airport

Bamrauli Airport (IATA: IDX) is located about 12 km from Allahabad. The airport is also called Prayagraj Airport. Bamrauli Airport is one of the oldest airports in India. It was built in 1919 and used to serve various international flights to London until 1946. Alliance Air and IndiGo are the airlines that operate from this particular airport. Bamrauli Airport connects Allahabad to many major cities, such as Bhopal, Bangalore, Indore, Lucknow, and Mumbai. It is operated by the Indian Air Force and the Airports Authority of India. Only one passenger terminal is present at the airport. Bamrauli Airport has several facilities to make travel easier for passengers. Snack bars and other eateries are readily available for those looking for a quick bite before their flight. Free trolleys, wheelchairs, and medical care facilities are available for those in need. The airport is well-connected to the city centre via a taxi, auto-rickshaw, or rented car. The nearest railway station is 10 km away and can be reached via the transport mentioned above.

About Rewa

Rewa is a small city in Madhya Pradesh, located on an alluvial plain in the Vindhya Range. The city is home to the holy Narmada River and encompasses several structures of great historical and archaeological importance. The small city is also famous for its awe-inspiring waterfalls. Rewa was founded as a princely state in 1400 AD by Rajputs, particularly Baghel Rajputs, who were warriors. The city was then chosen as the capital of the state. Later, it also served as the capital for the British Baghelkhand Agency and Vindhya Pradesh state. Rewa is well-connected to other small and big cities in Madhya Pradesh via road and train. Its cotton-weaving and woodcarving industries are major contributors to the economy of the state. Rewa is also a trade centre for goods such as timber, building stone, and grain. A large part of the area surrounding Rewa is forested and yields a significant amount of timber and lac. Rewa is best enjoyed in the winter season when visitors can enjoy the rich history and vibrant natural beauty it offers. From Baghel Museum to Purwa Falls, there is something for every nature and history lover in Rewa. Bhairav Baba Temple, Rewa Fort, and Rani Talab are a few of the other popular tourist destinations in Rewa. As one of Madhya Pradesh's emerging regions, Rewa has a well-developed transportation system. There is a train station but no direct flight connectivity. Another popular method of travel in this region is via the highway.

Frequently Asked Questions

The fastest way to and from Rewa to Bamrauli  Airport is by train. The journey takes approximately 2 hours. The travel time by road is 3 hours.

There are 17 lakes in Bhopal,  including all small and big water bodies. These include both artificial and natural lakes.

There are four famous waterfalls in Rewa that tourists like to visit: the Bahuti Falls, Keoti Falls, Purwa Falls, and Chachai Falls.  

The beautiful lakes and rich history make Bhopal a unique visit. It is also famously known as one of the greenest cities in India.  One of the largest mosques in Asia, Taj-ul-Masjid, is also located in Bhopal.  

Some of the most famous tourist places to visit in Bhopal include: ● Sanchi Stupa ● Upper Lake ● Lower Lake ● Van Vihar ● Moti Masjid ● Bharat Bhavan

Bhopal is most famous for its various curries and kebabs.  A particularly famous non-vegetarian dish is Achar Gosht which is prepared by cooking meats such as chicken or mutton in many pickles .

For tourists in Bhopal, Mawa Bati is a must-eat sweet dish. These sweet balls of fried mawa are stuffed with dry fruits and cardamom. They are served at most festivities in Bhopal.  

Bhopal is best enjoyed in the winter season. The months between October and February are ideal for sightseeing as the weather remains moderate.  

The quickest way to travel from Rewa to Bhopal is by flying from Bamrauli Airport to Raja Bhoj Airport. Bamrauli Airport is easily accessible by train for those travelling from Rewa.

While Rewa does not have an airport, the closest airport is Bamrauli Airport in Allahabad. IndiGo operates the only direct flight between Bhopal and Allahabad.

Bahuti Falls, located close to Rewa, is the highest waterfall in Madhya Pradesh.  

Bhopal has many artificial and natural lakes, such as the Upper Lake and Lower Lake, spread across the city and surrounding areas. An aqueduct connects the two artificial lakes.

Rewa is known as White Tiger because of the famous Tiger Mohan, the first white Tiger to be found in India. Hence, the city is often called the 'Land of the White Tiger'. 

Rewa is most famous for its many waterfalls. However, despite being such a small town, it is also steeped in history and architecture. The first white Tiger in India was found around this city.  
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Airport Information

Bhopal Raja Bhoj Airport, Gandhi Nagar Post office, Gandhi Nagar, Bhopal (MP)-462036

Agartala Allahabad Airport Terminal, Bamrauli Airport Area, Bamrauli, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh 211012