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Are you looking for flights from Agartala To Khajuraho but do not know where to look for the best deal? Well, you do not have to worry anymore because, with Adani One, you will be able to book your flight tickets seamlessly and focus on planning your trip. When looking for a flight on Adani One, all you have to do is put your start and end destinations along with your travel dates. The available flights, cheapest rates, timings, and flight duration for your search will then be displayed on the results page. Then you can choose the most convenient option, input the passenger and payment information, confirm, and pay for your tickets. Adani One provides cheap fares, charter flights, and group bookings all year long, so you can book your next flight at the best rates.There are no direct flights from Agartala (IXA) to Khajuraho (HJR) city. To take a flight to Khajuraho, you have to book a connecting flight which usually has a stopover in cities like Delhi, or Kolkata and has different timings. The first non-stop flight from Agartala (IXA) to Delhi (DEL) departs at 05:30 pm and takes 2 hr 40 min to reach its destination. After reaching Delhi Airport, you will have to board a SpiceJet flight to Khajuraho which departs at 3:30 pm and takes usually 1 hr 20 min. It takes around 8 hours and 15 minutes to reach Khajuraho from Agartala. Check out Adani One today to book a connecting flight from Agartala to Khajuraho!


About Khajuraho Airport

The Khajuraho Airport (IATA: HJR) is located in Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh. The terminal is 40 km from the district centre at Chhatarpur, 4 km from Khajuraho, and 3 km south of Khajuraho Town. The airport covers a total area of 590 acres. Khajuraho Airport is a well-known domestic airport that offers service to all of the major areas of the country. A significant passenger airport, it offers several direct flight connectivity to various destinations along with related services. Terminal-1: There is only one terminal, and that one is used for domestic flights. The entire airport has been connected with cutting-edge features that provide complete comfort to the passengers. This airport is integrated with high-tech baggage handling services that provide travellers with all kinds of conveniences when travelling. There is only one boarding gate, with 5 check-in counters and 3 security counters. For the safety of passengers, the domestic terminal contains two X-ray baggage scanners. At Khajuraho Airport, extra services include wheelchairs, conveyor belts, trolleys, and help for the elderly and physically disabled. If required, there are additional medical first-aid facilities and police support available. Other services available at this airport include free Wi-Fi, a VIP lounge, and counters for lost and recovered baggage.

About Khajuraho

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Khajuraho is situated in Madhya Pradesh. It is a city that is precisely known for its ancient temples covered in beautiful carvings. Built during AD 900 and 1130, the golden ruling period of the Chandella rulers, there were initially 85 temples. However, due to the destruction caused by Muslim invaders, only 23 temples have survived which are now divided into three groups: Eastern, Western, and Southern. The city was also the cultural capital of the Chandela Rajputs, who ruled during the 10th and 12th centuries. Khajuraho is one of the "seven wonders of India'' due to the abundance of historical sites there. Travellers from all over the world flock to Khajuraho to soak in the architectural beauty that it offers. The location, which is a significant component of Madhya Pradesh's tourism industry, conveys much about the history and culture of the place. But there's so much more to these temples than their erotic sculptures! Some of the most well-known tourist attractions in Khajuraho are the Adinath Temple, Panna National Park, Ajaygarh Fort, Kandariya Mahadev Temple, and Chausath Yogini Temple. Local handicrafts businesses are likely to please any shopper with their wide selection of goods, including wooden statues, ornaments, metallic statues, precious stones, and ready-to-wear printed clothing.

About Agartala Airport

Agartala Airport, known as Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport (IATA: IXA), is an international airport. It is located 12 km northwest of Tripura. The Airports Authority of India (AAI) administers all flight operations here. Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya Bahadur founded the airport in 1942. During World War II, the 4th Combat Cargo Group used the Agartala Airport. The Agartala Airport has a terminal with 2 boarding gates and a capacity of 250 passengers for arrivals and departures. In addition, the terminal contains 14 check-in counters, 4 security checks, and 1 immigration station for the convenience of travellers. The airport's new current integrated terminal contains 20 check-in counters, 6 parking bays, 4 aerobridges, conveyor belts, and services such as an In-Line Baggage System (ILBS), escalators, and lifts. In addition to the new terminal building, a new parallel taxiway to the runway, as well as two additional hangars are being built. This airport provides regular airline services to many cities in India, the most popular of which are Kolkata and Guwahati. Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport is the second busiest airport in the north-east, after Guwahati airport, and the 29th-busiest airport in India. Spice Jet, Indigo, and Air India, as well as a few smaller domestic airlines, serve this airport regularly.

About Agartala

Agartala is the capital city of Tripura. It is a small yet picturesque state in India's northeastern area. Many references corroborate the theory that the name Agartala was formed from the words 'Agar' and 'Tala,' a reference to the density of Agarwood trees in the region. Unlike the remaining 6 capitals of the northeastern state, which are mostly hilly, Agartala is located on the western end of Bangladesh's Ganga-Brahmaputra plain and shares much of its culture, language, and food with this neighbouring country. Agartala is very well known for bamboo handicrafts and handwoven shawls. It serves as a good start for visiting the rest of Tripura due to its close proximity to other tourist attractions in the state. The place offers a superb blend of royal legacy, rich cultural traditions, and natural beauty. Agartala, once the power centre of great emperors, is known for popular tourist attractions like the Ujjayanta Palace, stunning lakes, and several beautiful temples. Agartala is well-connected to different destinations by air, train, and road. As a result, communication with and inside Agartala would be simple and convenient.

Airport Information


Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport, Usha Bazar, Agartala, Tripura 799009


Khajuraho Airport, Khajuraho Airport Terminal Rd, Khajuraho Airport Area, Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh 471606

Frequently Asked Questions

2 days is sufficient to visit all the temples. They are divided into three sections: West (the biggest complex and the main complex), South, and East.
According to historical documents, the Khajuraho temple site had 85 temples by the 12th century, spread across 20 square km. Of these, just 25 temples have remained, spread over 6 square km.
Yes. Around, 175 km southeast of Jhansi is the Khajuraho Group of Monuments which is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Khajuraho has done a good job of maintaining its transport infrastructure. Daily bus services are available to visit any place in Khajuraho.
October to February is the best time to visit Khajuraho. These are the winter months at Khajuraho and are ideal for outdoor tourist activities, particularly temple tours.
The best time to visit Ujjayanta Palace is between October and June.
There is a regular flight from New Delhi for Khajuraho of SpiceJet, which departs at 15:30 and reaches Khajuraho Airport (IATA: HJR, ICAO: VAKJ) in 1 hr 20 min.
The temple's main attractions are the fourteen deities. It is unique because it contains no idols, but the images of 14 deities are engraved into the wall. They were worshipped by the Cantais, who were Tripuris priests, and were considered the presiding deities of the royal house.
The top attractions to visit in Khajuraho are: Khajuraho Temples Kandariya Mahadeva Temple Lakshmana Temple Chaturbhuj Temple Khajuraho's Textile & Looms
Tripura Sundari Temple, Chaturdasha Temple, and Ummaneshwar Temple are the most visited religious sites in Agartala.
Kamalasagar Kali Temple is a well-known Agartala shrine. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali and features a picture of Mahishasurmardini, who resembles Dasabhuja Durga.