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Agatti Island to Kandla Flights

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Are you looking for an Agatti Island to Kandla flight? You can book your air tickets on Adani's one-stop platform from the comfort of your home. Adani will display a detailed airfare calendar to help you select the best flight, whether it is an Agatti Island to Kandla flight or a Kandla to Agatti Island return ticket. Not only that, there are some amazing deals and cashback offers up for grabs. Discounts and offers are updated regularly for both direct and connecting flights. All domestic carriers — IndiGo, Go First, Air India, and Alliance Air — are listed on Adani's one-stop platform, and you can choose your preferred departure time. If you know when you are returning, why not book the return ticket and get access to the discounted prices?

There are currently no flights from Agatti Island to Kandla, but you can travel from Agatti Island to Cochin, and from there, you can take a flight to Rajkot Airport. Rajkot Airport is the nearest major airport to Kandla, located around 200 km away. You can take a bus, cab, or a rental car from Rajkot Airport to Kandla.

Alliance Air operates the only flight from Agatti Island to Kochi. IndiGo and Air India mainly operate on the Kochi to Rajkot route. The shortest flight from Kochi to Rajkot takes about 5 hours and 10 minutes. Adani will display the list of the cheapest flights to help you get the lowest airfare. Check out the air ticket deals, cashback options, and offers and discounts while booking your flight. Take a look at the airfare calendar and complete your Agatti Island to Kandla flight booking on Adani today!

Flights from Agatti Island to Kandla


About Kandla Airport

Kandla Airport (IATA code: IXY) is located in the Kutch district of Gujarat, India, north of Kandla and Gandhipuram cities. The airport was built in the late 1950s and started passenger operations in 1960. Air Deccan started operating on the Mumbai to Kandla route in 2006 and continued until the carrier ceased operations in 2012. Currently, Kandla Airport is connected to cities like Mumbai and Delhi, and SpiceJet is the major airline operating from this airport. The airport is 1.08 sq. km in area and has a terminal building that can handle 100 passengers at a time.

Kandla Airport
About Kandla

Kandla is located in the Kutch district of Gujarat, near the city of Gandhidham and is known for the Kandla Port, also called Deendayal Port Authority. It is one of India's main west coast ports, located on the Gulf of Kutch. It is located around 475 km southeast of Karachi, Pakistan, and approximately 800 km north-northwest of Mumbai. Kandla Port was established in the 1930s. It was meant to serve as Western India's principal seaport, replacing the functions of Karachi port after independence. It is one of the busiest ports in India in terms of cargo volume.

Apart from the port, people also visit other nearby places on their trip to Kandla. Gandhinagar, the base town of Kandla, is a must-visit for its warm, hospitable people and the Bhadreshwar Jain Temple, which has splendid architecture. Also, quite close to Kandla is Adipur, where the mortal remains of Mahatma Gandhi are kept at Gandhi Samadhi. The white expanse of the magnificent and humbling Rann of Kutch is also not far away and can make it to your Kandla itinerary, especially during the Rann Utsav.

Agatti Island

About Agatti Airport

Agatti Airport (IATA code: AGX) is situated on Agatti Island in the Indian union territory of Lakshadweep. It is the only airport in the archipelago, located off India's west coast. It was built in 1987-88 to handle Dornier 228 planes and officially opened on 16 April 1988.

Initially, the terminal was housed in a modest temporary construction. In 2006, construction began on the terminal building, air traffic control tower, and other buildings. Air India Regional launched a service between Agatti and Kochi utilising ATR-42 aircraft on 24 September 2010. In November 2010, the runway resurfacing project was finished. Alliance Air presently operates ATR-72-600 aircraft between Kochi and Agatti.

Agatti Airport is 0.185 sq. km in area. It features a single asphalt runway around 1,200 m long and a terminal building that can accommodate 150 people during peak hours. The Airports Authority of India is in charge of the airport

Agatti Airport
About Agatti

Agatti Island is an important island in India's Lakshadweep group of islands. It is a coral island of the Lakshadweep group and among the few inhabited islands in the area. You can hire a bicycle on the island and discover the natural flora and beautiful geological features of the island.

The beautiful Agatti Island is around 10 km long and home to nearly 7,500 inhabitants. The island is small compared to many other islands, yet it is nothing short of a paradise for beach lovers and daring travellers.

Agatti Island is home to the only airport in the Lakshadweep group, making it easily accessible to travellers. The airport is located 459 km from Kochi. Most people speak English and Malayalam, and Islam is the most widely practised religion. Fishing is the major source of income for the locals, along with Coir and Copra. Their prominent folk art forms are Parichakali and Kolkali.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no flight connectivity between Agatti Island and Kandla. From Agatti Island, you can travel to Kochi to board a flight to Rajkot Airport, the nearest major airport to Kandla.

The IATA code for Agatti Island Airport is AGX.

The IATA code for Kandla Airport in Gujarat is IXY.

The only operational route from Agatti Island is to Kochi, operated by Alliance Air.

Different airlines have different rules about carrying food items on flights. Please check the airline's policy for more information on carrying food items during your travel from Kochi to Rajkot. In general, you can carry dry food items. However, your food should be properly packed in spill-proof containers.

Passengers can usually carry up to 7 kg of cabin baggage and 15 kg of check-in baggage on an economy-class flight from Cochin to Rajkot. The weight limit varies from airline to airline and is based on the class of travel. Please check the baggage rules before checking in at the airport.

Rajkot Airport is located around 200 km from Kandla and is easily accessible via bus, cab, and train.

The winter months, usually between October and March, on Agatti Island are ideal for sightseeing as the weather is ideal during this time.

April and May tend to be the hottest months on Agatti Island.

The aerial distance between Agatti Island and Kandla is 1,403 km.

SpiceJet connects Kandla Airport to Mumbai and Delhi.

Kandla is a port city known for the Kandla Port, also called Deendayal Port Authority.

The prominent languages in the region of Lakshadweep are Malayalam and Mahl.

Yes. An entry permit is needed to enter Lakshadweep for non-natives of Lakshadweep and foreign nationals.
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Airport Information

Kandla Civil Aerodrome, Gopalpuri, Kandla, Gujarat 370240

Agatti Island Airport Rd, Agatti, Lakshadweep 682553