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Aurangabad to Kandla Flights

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Are you searching for a suitable flight from Aurangabad to Kandla?

If so, then you will find all the relevant information about flights from Aurangabad to Kandla at Adani’s one-stop solution platform. Check out the different flight options, get a comprehensive overview of the airfare calendar, and avail some great discounts and deals on all domestic flights from Aurangabad to Kandla, on a single portal.

You can also check the Aurangabad to Kandla flight time with alternative routes, departure timings, stoppages/layovers, and total duration of the journey on the platform to plan your trip better and efficiently manage your time also.

Kandla and Aurangabad have their own airports, which have excellent connectivity with major airports of the country, like Mumbai and New Delhi airports. However, there are no direct flights from Aurangabad to Kandla.

Hence, those searching for an Aurangabad to Kandla flight can travel from Aurangabad airport to Mumbai. From Mumbai, you can take a direct flight to Kandla.

Adani’s platform provides you with all the latest and updated details about flight status and fares. Approximately 7 flights operate daily from Aurangabad to Mumbai. Air India, IndiGo, and Vistara operate flights between Aurangabad and Mumbai. Further, SpiceJet operates a single flight from Mumbai to Kandla daily. This is a great alternative route to reach Kandla from Aurangabad.

Flights from Aurangabad to Kandla


About Kandla Airport 

Kandla Airport (IATA code: IXY), commonly known as Gandhidham Airport, is located north of Kandla and Gandhipuram in Gujarat's Kutch District. The airport, which is spread over 268.2 acres, also contains a terminal building that can accommodate 100 passengers at a time.

Some facilities offered by the airport include luggage carts and baggage wrapping machines. The city’s main bus terminal is only 7 km from the Kandla airport. The Gandhidham railway station is also just a 15-minute drive from the airport.

People who are planning a trip to Kandla and are looking for online flight ticket booking from Aurangabad to Kandla need not worry about the airport’s facilities and connectivity with nearby places.

kandla airport
About Kandla

Kandla, commonly known as Deendayal Port, is located on the Gulf of Kutch on India's northwestern coast in the state of Gujarat. Apart from its port, Kandla is also known for its adjacent destinations, one of which is the famed Gandhidham.

Adipur, a small port town near Gandhidham, is approximately 38 minutes from Kandla by road and is home to the famed Gandhi Samadhi. It is the only other spot in the country where Mahatma Gandhi's ashes may be found, after Rajghat in New Delhi.

Kandla is known for its port, which is the oldest seaport in Gujarat's Kutch district. It was built in the 1950s as the main seaport of western India, and is now called the Deendayal Port Trust. Kandla Port has been among India's major ports for many decades, and is a major location for importing oil and exporting grains. Hence, it plays a crucial role in India’s international trade.

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Kandla Port

This port in Gujarat's Kutch area is one of the largest seaports on the west coast of India, and also one of the busiest, since it handles massive volumes of cargo and machinery daily. It is also known as ‘Deendayal Port Trust’.

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Vijay Vilas Palace

Located about 119 kms from Kandla, the Vijay Vilas Palace is a grand example of the magnificence of Gujarat's royalty. The palace has been constructed in Indo-European style and is spread over 450 acres. Moreover, the area surrounding the palace is densely forested and provides a stunning view of the sea from the thatched restaurant located on the palace’s terrace. On request, barbecues can be arranged on the beach.

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White Desert

The White Desert is one of the largest salt deserts and is also called the Great Rann of Kutch. Visited by hordes of tourists every year, this wide expanse of virgin white salt is known for its natural splendour and ecological significance. It takes about three and a half hours to drive from Kandla to this spot.

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Vande Mataram Memorial

Located in the Bhuj district, the Vande Mataram Memorial is about 64 km from Kandla. It is India's first 4-D Memorial where visitors can fully relive the country’s independence struggle. The memorial has a Parliament Building, India Gate, Yellow Fort, and wide, lush lawns on its 12-acre campus.

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Gandhi Samadhi

The Gandhi Samadhi in Adipur is merely a 38-minute drive from Kandla. This is one of the iconic and historic places associated with Mahatma Gandhi and his ashes are stored here as well.

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Roha Fort

A three-hour drive from Kandla, Roha Fort in Kutch is a unique place for both history buffs and hikers. An architectural masterpiece, the fort complex exhibits a wide range of adorned and finely carved corners and some great views of the surrounding areas.


About Aurangabad Airport 

Aurangabad Airport is also known as Chikkalthana Airport (IATA code: IXU). It is a notable aviation hub, with direct and connecting flights to several cities across the country. Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Bengaluru are among the major cities served by this airport.

The most common route is between Aurangabad and Mumbai, with about 28 weekly flights. This is the best route for passengers flying from Aurangabad to Kandla. There are two terminals at this airport, domestic and international.

The Aurangabad Airport has one boarding gate with three X-ray baggage scanning facilities. A car rental facility, tourist information centre, hotel booking points, and an in-flight sales store are also available at the arrival terminal.

aurangabad airport
About Aurangabad

Aurangabad is a historic city in the state of Maharashtra in western India. It is also known as the ‘City of Gates’ because there are 52 gates built across the city. State Tourism designated it as the tourism capital in 2010 because of its historical and tourist attractions. More importantly, the city is home to UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Ajanta and Ellora caves.

It serves as a significant tourist hotspot, with attractive tourist destinations like the famous Bibi-ka-Maqbara. Moreover, it is one of Maharashtra's fastest growing cities and also a major industrial hub. Aurangabad has excellent flight connections to a host of major Indian cities. So, if you are searching for a flight ticket from Aurangabad to Kandla, you can easily find suitable options on Adani’s flight ticket booking platform.

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Bibi Ka Maqbara

A replica of the Taj Mahal, this ancient monument is a tribute of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb to his wife, Rabia-ud-Durrani. This historical landmark, adorned with fine stones and intricate designs and engravings is an example of the emperor’s love for his wife and is surely worth a visit.

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Ellora Caves

Located roughly 29 km from the city, Ellora Caves are a UNESCO world heritage site. The Vishwakarma cave, Kailasanatha Temple, Dashavatara cave, Rameshvara cave, and Indra Sabha cave are some of the most well-known and sought-after caves in Ellora.

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Grishneshwar Temple

This ancient Hindu pilgrimage site is nestled in a picturesque village around 30 km from Aurangabad and 1 km from Ellora Caves. It is also one of the 12 sacred Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva.

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Lonar Lake

The Lonar Crater Lake in Maharashtra's Buldhana district, which is around 3 hours from Aurangabad, is yet another prominent tourist attraction. The lake was formed due to a meteorite, and it is also a significant study point for geologists, ecologists, archaeologists, astronomers, naturalists, and students.

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Pitalkhora Caves

The majestic Pitalkhora Caves were cut out of rocks in the 2nd century BC, and they are considered to be one of India's best examples of rock-cut architecture. These 14 ancient Buddhist caves are located in the Western Ghats, adjacent to a rushing waterfall that adds to their natural splendour.

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Salim Ali Lake

One of the best tourist spots in Aurangabad is the Salim Ali Lake. This place is a must-visit for bird watchers. Named after the famous ornithologist, Salim Ali, this vast water body, surrounded by lush foliage, is a nature lover's haven. Its tranquil ambience soothes the minds and bodies of those visiting it. The bird sanctuary surrounding the lake is home to a large variety of birds, making it an ideal place for bird watching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aurangabad Airport is also known as Chikkalthana Airport. Its IATA code is IXU.

Kandla Airport is also known as Gandhidham Airport. Its IATA code is IXY.

There are no direct flights from Aurangabad to Kandla. The best way to reach Kandla from Aurangabad is to first fly to Mumbai from Aurangabad and then on to Kandla.

Once you confirm your flight booking from Aurangabad to Kandla, you can check, verify and track the flight status from your respective airline’s website.

IndiGo and Air India operate both direct and connecting flights from Aurangabad to Mumbai. Travelling to Mumbai from Aurangabad and then to Kandla from Mumbai by flight is the best option.

Visit Adani’s one-stop platform and get deals on flights from Aurangabad to Kandla. You can compare several Aurangabad to Kandla flight fares before booking.

Passengers can take advantage of various services and amenities at the Aurangabad airport. These include trolleys and wheelchairs for the aged, the physically challenged, and also sick passengers. Additional services available at the airport include medical aid, a childcare facility, and lost and found baggage counters.

The Gandhidham bus station and railway station are close to the Kandla airport providing ample transportation facilities by way of public and private buses and taxis.

Check with your airline to know any specific guidelines and rules about travelling during the pandemic.

Although there are no direct flights operating from Aurangabad to Kandla, Adani’s portal provides you different connecting flight options to help you to choose the best route.

Yes, you can take your food items while travelling on a flight from Aurangabad to Kandla. However, they have to be carefully packed to avoid spillage.

You can book a private taxi or use public transport to reach Aurangabad airport from any part of the city.
Airport Information

Kandla Civil Aerodrome, Gopalpuri, Kandla, Gujarat 370240

Aurangabad Jalna Road, Chilkalthana, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431006

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