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Hyderabad to Coimbatore Flights

Planning to book Hyderabad to Coimbatore flights? There are many options for those who are looking for Hyderabad to Coimbatore flights. Air India and IndiGo are the most preferred airlines for this route. The shortest flight from Hyderabad to Coimbatore takes approximately 1 hour 20 minutes.

You will find all the information you need on flights from Hyderabad to Coimbatore below.

Flights from Hyderabad to Coimbatore


About Coimbatore Airport

The Coimbatore International Airport offers flights to international and domestic destinations. Located about 13 km from the Coimbatore city centre, it is the only airport serving Coimbatore.

Currently, the Coimbatore International Airport has only one terminal, which serves the passengers of both domestic and international flights according to the schedule followed there.

The services offered at the Coimbatore International Airport are Wi-Fi, medical services, child care rooms, luggage carts, restrooms, and lounges that make it comfortable for passengers who are waiting for their flights. The airport is located around 18 km from the Coimbatore Junction Railway Station, and it takes about 30 to 40 minutes to reach there. Apart from local buses, one can hire cab services, pre-paid taxis, or auto-rickshaws for local transport.

About Coimbatore

Coimbatore was nicknamed the ‘Manchester of South India’ for its cotton production when the city was famed for its textile mills. Also, Coimbatore is the third-largest city in Tamil Nadu. Surrounded by the mighty Western Ghats and lying next to the River Noyyal, Coimbatore has a pleasant climate and clean environment with diverse and cosmopolitan culture.

Coimbatore’s popular tourist destinations include the Arulmigu Subramaniyaswami Temple in Marudamalai, which is famous for its Dravidian style structure, and the Perur Patteeswarar Swamy Temple for its beautiful carvings. Another major tourist attraction is the Gass Forest Museum, renowned for its vast collection of preserved animals and trunks of trees. The major festivals in Coimbatore are Mariamman and Maha Shivaratri, apart from Tamil Nadu’s state festival, Pongal. As it is a South Indian city, the staple food in Coimbatore is rice. Some of the popular dishes tourists must try are dosa chutney, idli sambar, appam, and murukku. Tamil thali meals, often served on a plantain leaf, are also famous.

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Adiyogi Shiva Statue

The Adiyogi Statue, which depicts Lord Shiva, holds the world record for the “largest bust sculpture”. This statue is located in the foothills of the Velliangiri mountains in the Western Ghats in Thirunamam city of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The statue is 34 m tall, 45 m long, and 25 m wide. It was sketched by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, who founded the Isha Foundation. The statue is lustrous black and depicts the yogic concept of moksha. Everyone is welcome to visit the centre to practise the art and improve themselves. The shrine and meditation centre are also accessible from the statue’s base. Throughout the year, the site is bustling with tourists and practitioners. It’s no surprise that this statue is one of Coimbatore’s most popular tourist attractions.

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Marudhamalai Hill Temple

Built in the 12th century, the Marudhamalai Hill Temple is situated at a height of 500 feet in the Western Ghats’ highlands, 15 Km northwest of Coimbatore city. Vehicles are permitted to travel past the Marudhamalai Temple, and the devasthanam has allowed three buses access to the shrine from the lower slope of the hill. Lord Muruga is the major deity of the Marudhamalai Temple. This hill’s most notable feature is that it grows vital medicinal plants used in the production of ayurvedic medications. There are also a number of water bodies around the temple. Another tourist destination is the Pillayar Temple, located on the temple’s hillsides.

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Nilgiri Biosphere Nature Park

Nilgiri Biosphere Nature Park is brimming with a variety of exciting activities that are sure to delight visitors. In the southern state of Tamil Nadu, Nilgiri Biosphere Nature Park is located in Thuvaipathy Village, Coimbatore. This park is well linked to the city and is easily accessible, being only 32 Km from Coimbatore’s city centre on Anaikatti road. The Coimbatore Zoological Park Society established the Nilgiri Biosphere Nature Park in 1986 to encourage the preservation and proper management of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve’s ecosystem and natural resources. The nature park was established under the Tamil Nadu Society Registration Act of 1975 to raise awareness about the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve’s rich natural wealth. A zoological garden is envisioned in the park to attract tourists as well as nature enthusiasts from all over the world

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Perur Pateeswarar Temple

The Perur Pateeswarar Temple, also known as Arulmigu Patteeswarar Swamy Temple, is a historic temple dedicated to Lord Patteeswarar situated 9 Km from Coimbatore city. For Lord Patteeswarar’s followers and admirers who visit from across the world, this enormous second-century temple, built by Karikala Chola, holds immense religious, cultural, and historical significance. Also known as Lord Nataraj Temple, it is situated on the banks of the Noyyal River. Art aficionados will be drawn to the antique artwork, sculptures, and carvings within the temple. Apart from being a Hindu pilgrimage site, the area is known for its breathtaking natural features and the unparalleled sense of peace that can be found within the temple grounds.

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Siruvani Waterfalls

The Siruvani Waterfalls are situated in Tamil Nadu’s Siruvani Hills. They are also known as the Kovai Kutralam Falls. The Siruvani Dam is close by. There are primarily three points to explore. The first is a little pond resulting from the water flowing down the falls on the ground level. The second point is slightly higher, providing a spot to stand beneath the cascading cold water. The third point, which is a deep hole between both the rocks near the pond, is quite dangerous. As Tamil Nadu is located at the very extremity of the Indian mainland, the summers here are warm and humid. However, when the summer heat fades, one is treated to an onslaught of showers that begin in July and persist until September. This is an excellent time to travel to this beautiful state. The ideal time to visit, though, is unquestionably during the winter. Winters here begin in October and last until March.

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Kodiveri Dam

Kodiveri Dam is a magnificent tourist spot on the Bhavani river near Sathyamangalam in Tamil Nadu. In 1,125 AD, King Kongalvan Vettuva Gounder constructed this dam to provide water to irrigate 25,000 hectares of land. The waterfall is beautiful to watch, and the park and play area are also popular with tourists. The area is known for its fresh fish. The dam covers a large geographical area and is extremely important because it keeps the entire region fruitful.


About Hyderabad Airport

Officially known as the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, the Hyderabad Airport is an international and domestic airport that caters to major cities in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport aims to provide a wide range of amenities to the passengers, such as options for shopping from renowned brands, eateries and restaurants, a lost and found service, tourist information counters, foreign exchange counters, ATMs and a bank, lounges, baggage wrap services, a medical centre, a smoking zone, disability and wheelchair services, a porter service, internet access, and a cloakroom.

The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is well-connected to Hyderabad and other major cities in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Hyderabad Airport
About Hyderabad

The capital of Telangana state, Hyderabad is a mix of both worlds, from the old-world charm of the old city to the modern offices and tech parks of Hitech City. From bustling bazaars and mosques to the sprawling Golconda Fort, it is a spectacular mix of people and traditions. You get glimpses of the past of the city and developments towards a bright future. It is also known as the city of biryani and pearls and is home to the iconic Charminar.

Hyderabad could be the ideal spot for your next family vacation with its historical significance, cultural heritage, and an array of leisure activities. The city also offers a lively nightlife experience, and those who love to party can head to the lounges and pubs in the city.

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Charminar translates to four minarets. The Charminar is located in the heart of the city. The architecture of the minaret is eloquent in every possible way. It was built by Quli Qutub Shah in 1591 and it remains one of the best places to see in Hyderabad. The monument has become a symbol of Hyderabad around the world and is one of India’s most well-known structures. It has also been legally integrated as the Telangana Emblem. For more than 425 years, the Charminar has housed a mosque on its top floor. While historically and religiously significant, it is also recognised for the surrounding bustling local markets. As the city’s primary mosque—Makkah Masjid—is just across the road, the Charminar is also the site of many holiday celebrations, such as Eid-ul-Adha and Eid al-Fitr.

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Mecca Masjid

Sultan Muhammad Qutb Shah began construction on the Mecca Masjid in 1614, and it was finished by Aurangzeb in 1693. This mosque, made from native granite, is not only the largest in Hyderabad but also one of India’s biggest. The tombs of all the Nizams dating back to 1803 are shown in the arched gallery. As per historical records, Sultan Muhammad Qutub invited many religious elders to lay the foundation stone, but when no one volunteered, he did it himself. He also never missed the midnight prayer. Regarding the mehrab, there is a high barrier wall on the west side. It features two massive octagonal columns made from a single block of granite. This, in turn, is capped by an arched gallery with a dome on top.

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Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City, a film studio near Film Nagar, will transport you to another universe. It can be reached via bus or cab. Many tours and travel companies offer transportation from various locations in Hyderabad to Ramoji Film City. The film studio complex lies in Hyderabad’s Hayathnagar neighbourhood. Ramoji Film City is a big integrated film studio that was built in 1996 on about 2,000 acres of land and is recognised by the Guinness World Records as the “World’s Largest Studio Complex”. It is also a major tourist destination and entertainment centre, attracting over 1.5 million visitors each year. Mr. Ramoji Rao, a Telugu film producer who had always wanted to develop a studio similar to Universal Studios in Hollywood, is the man behind Ramoji Film City. Although it took years, he finally managed to create this massive film studio, which also has gardens, an amusement park, and a butterfly zoo on the premises.

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Golkonda Fort

The Golconda fort is situated in the western part of Hyderabad and was originally named Mankal and was built in the 12th century. Later, during the rule of the Bahmani dynasty, it was fortified and served as a capital for both the Bahmani and its successor, the Qutub Shahi dynasty.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first flight from Hyderabad to Coimbatore is IndiGo 6E 157|782, which departs at 4:40 am.

The last flight from Hyderabad to Coimbatore is IndiGo 6E 6408, which departs at 9:10 pm.

IndiGo and Air India are the most preferred airlines on the Hyderabad to Coimbatore flight route.

The Coimbatore International Airport is also known as the Peelamedu International Airport and its code is CJB. Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International Airport has the code HYD.

Coimbatore airport offers Wi-Fi, medical assistance, disability assistance, luggage services, currency exchange, ATMs, and premium lounge services, among others.

The shortest flight from Hyderabad to Coimbatore takes 1 hour 20 minutes.

The baggage allowance depends on the class of travel and airline. On Air India flights from Hyderabad to Coimbatore, 25 kg of check-in baggage and 8 kg of hand luggage is permitted. Most other domestic carriers allow passengers to carry 7 kg of hand luggage and 15 kg of check-in baggage.

You can check your Hyderabad to Coimbatore flight booking status by logging on to the website of the travel agency or airline you used to book your flight.
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Airport Information

Coimbatore Airport Road, Peelamedu - Pudur Main Rd, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641014

Hyderabad Shamshabad, Hyderabad, Telangana 500409