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Ranchi to Kozhikode Flights

Ranchi to Kozhikode Flights

Book the Cheapest Ranchi to Kozhikode Flights at Adani. Booking flights online can be complicated and time-consuming, especially with many airlines and booking options. To help make the flight booking process easier, Adani’s one-stop platform Adani One is ideal for all your travel needs. Whether travelling from Ranchi to Kozhikode or from Kozhikode to Ranchi, on Adani One, you can choose the best flight that checks all your boxes. The Adani One portal displays cheap flights offered by reputable airlines. Your tickets can be booked straight from our website using an easy-to-navigate booking form. You can now avoid manual searches and save time and money. Do not lose good deals on flight bookings; book now on Adani One to get the best flight deals! With Adani One, you can search for the best deals for flights from Ranchi to Kozhikode using our simple three-step process: Just type in your destination along with the dates you want to travel on in the 'to' and 'from' boxes, respectively, and then click to get a list of available flights ordered by price. There are also several extra options, such as selecting your airline or searching for particular airports, so whatever service you need, we've got it all here on Adani One. Kozhikode is connected by the Calicut International Airport. The IATA code of this airport is CCJ. There are several flights from Ranchi to Kozhikode, operating from a minimum of 3 flights to a maximum of 5 weekly.

Flights from Ranchi to Kozhikode


About Kozhikode Airport

Kozhikode has an airport which is called the Calicut international airport. The IATA code of this airport is CCJ. There are two terminals in the airport. One is used for domestic flights, and the other one is used for international flights. The airport is precisely located at the address Calicut Airport Road, Karipur. This airport is owned and operated by the Airports Authority of India and offers numerous facilities like free Wi-Fi, lounges, ATMs, a childcare room, toilets, and duty-free shops. There are many transportation facilities also available at the airport gate as well. It includes auto-rickshaw and taxi. It also has nearby bus stops and railway stations. Buses and trains can also be readily available.

About Kozhikode

Kozhikode, commonly known as Calicut, is a city on the Malabar Coast of Kerala. It is Kerala's second-largest and India's 19th-largest metropolitan area. It was called the City of Spices for its significance as a critical trading location for Indian spices. Kozhikode had traded spices and cotton with Jews, Phoenicians, Arabs, and Chinese for generations. Europeans used to call it Calicut (Kozhikode); for Arabs, it was Kalikat, and for the Chinese, Kalifo. Kozhikode as a tourist destination offers lush green landscapes, beautiful beaches, sites of historical importance, and lots more. Some of the delicacies one can try when travelling through Kozhikode are Puttu, Puzhuku, Shark Curry and so on. If you want to travel within the city, you can rent a bike or car. There are also train and bus facilities available. You can take taxis and auto rickshaws if you are travelling to a nearby place.

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Kakkayam Dam 

This dam is located at Kozhikode and is built across the river Kuttiady. It is surrounded by exotic wildlife like bison and elephants. If you are a nature lover and wildlife photographer, include this spot in your itinerary.

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Kappad Beach  

If you visit Kozhikode, make sure you visit this beautiful beach with rocks and small hills that add to its charm. You can taste the authentic food items of Kerala at the local food stalls near the beach at an affordable price.

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Kozhippara Falls 

Kozhippara falls is surrounded by greenery on all sides. It is also referred to as the “Valamthodu falls” and there are a lot of activities you can enjoy here, like swimming, trekking, and rock climbing. You can also have a soothing time taking in the breathtaking view.

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Tali Temple 

Built during the 14th century, this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The walls and pillars of the temple are built with a mix of stone and wood and coated with brass. Visiting hours are from 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm, so you can enjoy this divine experience in the pleasant evening weather.


About Ranchi Airport

Birsa Munda Airport, commonly called Ranchi Airport, serves Ranchi, the state capital of Jharkhand in India. The IATA code for this airport is IXR. It is a single-terminal public domestic airport currently maintained by the Airports Authority of India and is named after the Indian tribal freedom fighter Birsa Munda. Ranchi is served by daily flights from most of India's main cities. The new terminal can accommodate 500 domestic and 200 international passengers at any given moment. The airport has lounges, duty-free shops and eateries. Ranchi's main centre is only 7 km from the airport and passengers can find auto-rickshaws and taxis to travel between the city and the airport.

About Ranchi

Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand. Many gorgeous waterfalls, magnificent valleys, lush green hills, and bare rocks can be seen throughout the lovely city. The language that is spoken here is Hindi. Ranchi is primarily a forested area with woods of sal, gambhar, asan, kend, mahua, and simul. Ranchi accounts for approximately a quarter of all mineral production in the country. Together with Jamshedpur and Bokaro, it is a crucial element of Jharkhand's industrial system, with six industrial areas. The city has seen a boom in service industries like media, marketing, healthcare, and education in recent years. Ranchi's potential as a future economic powerhouse has been acknowledged by both corporations and the government, with Ranchi getting considerable investments from both and rapidly evolving into an economic centre. Ranchi has experienced a great transition into a dynamic metropolis pulsating with the vibrancy of its people. You can travel by local buses, trains, auto-rickshaws and taxis. If you want an economical option, you can also travel through shared rickshaws.

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Dassam Falls 

Also called the Dassam Garh, the height of this waterfall is 144 ft. It takes roughly one and a half hours to travel from Ranchi. The principal source of this waterfall is the River Kachni. It is located near Taimara Village. This location is around 34 km from Ranchi. It offers breathtaking views and is a must-visit, especially for nature lovers.

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Jagannath Temple 

The Jagannath temple was erected in the 17th century, initiated by the King of Barkagarh Jagannathpur, Thakur Ani Nath Shahdeo. The temple is located on the top of a small hill. It is best if you climb to the top, otherwise, you can also find vehicles that will help you reach the temple. Lord Vishnu is the primary deity worshipped here. There is no entry fee to the temple. In this temple, you can sit and relax for some time by watching the beautiful scenery around it.

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Pahari Mandir 

This temple is 8 km away from Ranchi railway station. You can take an auto-rickshaw or shared auto rickshaw or taxi to reach here. The temple lies at an elevation of 2140 feet above sea level and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. You need to climb 468 steps to reach the temple. The Shravan is the fourth month in the Hindu calendar and is the busiest in this temple.

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Patratu Valley 

Patratu valley is on Ranchi’s Kanke Road, which goes to the Patratu Dam, another mind-blowing attraction. The entire valley is surrounded by dense trees and it sits amidst misty mountains, and vacationers will enjoy the picturesque drive to this spot.

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Rock Garden 

This amusement park in Ranchi holds the privilege of being one of the most visited tourist places in the city. Ideal for a family visit, it has different zones for all age categories. Overall, it’s a complete family package.

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Tagore Hill 

Situated in the Morabadi Hills, Tagore Hill is an iconic geographical feature of Ranchi. The hill lies in Moradabadi and is accessible by auto rickshaws and taxis from Ranchi. The view of sunrise and sunset from the Tagore hilltop is a must-see.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you may be allowed to carry some dry food and fruits in your hand luggage. 

You can approach the staff of the airline that you have travelled with and provide your boarding pass and details of the lost baggage.

There are around 3 to 5 flights from Ranchi to Kochi every week.

There are three rivers in Kozhikode - Korapuzha, Kallai and Chaliyar .

Only one hand baggage of 7 kg is allowed on the flight.

Top airlines like IndiGo, Go First, Air Asia, and Air India fly from Ranchi to Kozhikode.

Ranchi Airport's name is Birsa Munda, and its code is IXR, while Kozhikode Airport's name is Kozhikode International Airport, and its code is CCJ. 

There are many great dishes to try in Kozhikode. Some of the very famous dishes are Puttu, Puzhuku and Shark Curry .

S.M. or Sweet Mithai street or Mithai theruvu is the best place to try authentic Kerala sweets. 

The minimum time to fly from Ranchi to Kozhikode is 4 hours and 55 minutes. 

The primary language spoken in Kozhikode is Malayalam.

Kozhikode has beautiful scenic places, beaches, and historical sites. It also has an innumerable list of breathtaking viewpoints, water bodies, and hill stations. The ambience is refreshing and peaceful, making it a perfect destination for a vacation. 

Kakkayam Dam is located in Koorachundu, Kozhikode. 

IndiGo Airlines operates the most number of flights on this route. 

Sargalaya is the best place to find crafts and home decor. 
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Airport Information

Kozhikode Calicut Airport P.O, Calicut Airport Rd, Karipur, Kerala 673647

Ranchi Hinoo, Ranchi, Jharkhand 834002