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Surat to Bhopal Flights

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Are you looking to book flight tickets from Surat to Bhopal?

Adani One site enables hassle-free online flight ticket purchases. Adani One provides a comprehensive airfare schedule, making it easier to choose from the best offers and special deals on flights. We recommend purchasing a return ticket if you have a set arrival date.

IndiGo and Air India operate multiple connecting flights from Surat to Bhopal every week. The connecting flights have short layovers and travel through cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, and Aurangabad. Adani One will give you an airfare calendar to assist you in making the best decision. Avail air ticket deals, cashback options, and special offers and discounts while booking your flight from Surat to Bhopal on the Adani One. Around 15-18 flights connect the two cities every day, with the shortest trip taking around 10 hours and 25 minutes. Compare the flight schedule and book your Surat to Bhopal trip with Adani One now!

Flights from Surat to Bhopal


About Bhopal Airport

Raja Bhoj Airport (IATA: BHO) is the principal airport serving the city of Bhopal. It is situated 15 Km northwest of Bhopal's city centre and was named after Paramara dynasty's Maharaja Raja Bhoj from the 10th century. In 2011, a new integrated terminal was opened with considerable upgrades in terms of expanded passenger capacity, a better runway to support wide-body aeroplanes, and world-class facilities for domestic and foreign tourists. Bhopal Airport's integrated terminal serves both domestic and international flight operations. This terminal has 14 check-in and 10 immigration desks to facilitate speedier passenger flow.

Bhopal Airport was the first in the region to establish a 100-kilowatt solar power plant and use solar electricity to power its operations in 2013.

Bhopal Airport is one of the largest airports in Madhya Pradesh and is well-connected to other major Indian cities. Air India, IndiGo, and Go First are the major domestic carriers operating from here. For Hajj pilgrims, Bhopal Airport has chartered flights to Jeddah via Saudia Airlines.

The airport is well-connected by road to both bus and train stations. Private taxis can be rented from the terminal. The airport offers several facilities like free luggage trolleys, wheelchairs for the elderly and physically handicapped, medical assistance, child care rooms, vehicle rentals, post office, a tourist office centre, a lost and found baggage desk, and well-maintained travel lounges. Moreover, the airport has many shops for last-minute purchases, along with eateries, snack bars, cafes, etc.

Bhopal Airport
About Bhopal

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh's capital, is renowned as the City of Lakes because of its numerous natural and artificial lakes. It is also one of India's greenest cities.

The two primary lakes, Upper Lake and Lower Lake are the focal points of all activity. The lively impact of various faiths and cultures - Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity - give Bhopal a distinct identity. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines feature in Bhopal's food culture, although Bhopal's spicy meat specialities, particularly curries and kebabs, show the delectable influence of Mughal cuisine.

Bhopal's major cultural hub is the Bharat Bhavan, which houses an arts centre, an amphitheatre and a tribal exhibit. It is a major tourist spot in Madhya Pradesh.

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Bhojpur Temple

Bhojpur Temple, constructed by Raja Bhoj, is a must-see site in Bhopal. The artwork, sculptures, and the Shivling that is 7.5 feet tall attract many pilgrims, history enthusiasts, and art lovers.

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Taj-ul-Masjid, also known as the Crown among Mosques, is one of Bhopal's most fascinating historical sites. This is a historic mosque with incredible architecture, fresco paintings, and Islamic engravings. Furthermore, Taj-ul-Masjid is styled after Syrian mosques and the Quibla wall.

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Upper Lake 

Bada Talaab or the Big Lake is the country's oldest artificial lake. It is also known as Bhojtal and is a beautiful location with an excellent royal park nearby known as the Kamla Park. The lake is built on the Kolas River. The lake, which has a catchment area of more than 36 sq km, is Bhopal's primary source of potable water. Water sports enthusiasts also flock to the lake.

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Van Vihar National Park 

Van Vihar National Park is located in the heart of Bhopal. It is run as a modern zoological park, where animals are preserved in their natural environment. It is the perfect place to visit with your family and friends to observe wild animals in their natural habitat. The place is just right for a short trek or a day trip for nature lovers.


About Surat Airport

Surat Airport (IATA: STV), situated 20 km from the city hub, serves mainly domestic flights. To travel to and from the airport, you can either take the local taxi services or use an app-based cab service. There are also state-run buses to travel to and from Surat Airport.

Initially, this airport served as a hub for the regional airlines, Vayudoot and Gujarat Airways. These airlines eventually ceased operations. In 2003, the airport came under the possession of the Airport Authority of India. In the year 2007, commercial flight services resumed through this airport.

The Surat Airport's domestic terminal can manage 240 passengers at one time, with 120 each in the arriving and departing sections. The terminal is connected to a 1400-metre-long runway with night landing capabilities. The airport offers several facilities to ensure that passengers have a comfortable and trouble-free journey. Trolleys and wheelchairs are readily available at the airport. Surat Airport is well-connected to the city through local taxis and bus services.

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About Surat

Surat is a city in the Indian state of Gujarat. Surat's history is said to have begun with the discovery of the city by a Brahmin named Gopi. In 1516, he built the Gopi Tank (water reservoir) and named the region Surajpur or Suryapur. Surat is also known as the Green City. It used to be a major harbour and is now a centre of economic and commercial activity in South Gujarat. Surat was also selected for the Indian government’s Smart Cities Mission. Surat has a rich cultural past, stunning monuments, and a festive feel throughout the year.

Surat is certainly a foodie's paradise. It is also home to many educational and research institutions. The city is a global centre for diamond cutting facilities and a commercial textile processing enterprise specialising in silk weaving. No wonder it has got the nicknames, the Diamond City and the Silk City. It is also known as the "city of flyovers," and it attracts tourists throughout the year. Winters are the best time to visit Surat.

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Vansda National Park

Vansda National Park, spanning approximately 24 sq km and located between the Sahyadri ranges, is an incredible travel destination. It is named after the Maharaja of Vansda who used this forest as his hunting grounds. With 120-ft tall trees, the forest is a must-see for nature and wildlife enthusiasts.

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Swami Narayan Temple

Surat's Swaminarayan Temple, located on the banks of the Tapi River, is among the most famous pilgrimage locations. This Vaishnav temple was built in memory of Sahajanand. Pink stones were used in its construction in 1996. This temple contains three shrines. The first shrine honours Harikrishna Maharaj and Radha-Krishna Dev. The second shrine honours Lord Swaminarayan, Gopalanand Swami, and Gunatitanand Swami, while the third honours Ghanshyam Maharaj.

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Surat Castle 

The Surat Castle, also called the Old Fort, was constructed in the early 16th century to protect the city against Portuguese attacks. The fort is a perfect site to explore, and its architecture is stunning. This is a must-see for anyone interested in historical architecture.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are more than 15 flights from Surat to Bhopal every day. However, there are no direct flights on this route. Air India and IndiGo are some of the major airlines that serve this air route. 

The shortest flight from Surat to Bhopal takes approximately 10 hours and 25 minutes.  

The IATA code for Surat Airport, known as Surat International Airport, is STV. The Bhopal Airport, also known as Raja Bhoj Airport, has the IATA code of BHO. 

The most popular carriers on the Surat to Bhopal flight route are IndiGo and Air India. 

Different airlines have different regulations regarding food on flights. Your food should be dry, sealed and leakage-proof. Refer to the airline's guidelines for more information on bringing food on your trip from Surat to Bhopal. 

Baggage fees differ depending on the airline and the class of travel. Travellers on an economy-class flight from Surat to Bhopal can typically carry 7 kg of carry-on baggage and 15 kg of check-in luggage.  

Surat’s commercial enterprises in textile specialise in silk processing, earning it the name of silk city. 

Bhopal Airport is well-connected to the city. Regular bus services, cabs, and private cars help travellers commute between the two locations. 

The best thing to buy  from Surat is diamond and gold jewellery. You can also buy elegant silk sarees. 

The best shopping hubs of Bhopal are Chowk bazaar, Bittan Market, Mrignayani Emporium, and Habibganj Market. 

Also known as the City of Lakes, Bhopal is famous for its natural and artificial water bodies. The Upper Lake or Bada Talab constructed by Raja Bhoj in the 11th century is one of the oldest artificial water bodies in India. 

Meals are provided on all major airlines' flights. Since this information is always updated, get the most recent information from the airlines' official websites. 

Sanchi stupa is situated 48.7 Km away from Bhopal, and it takes close to an hour by road. 

The most preferred mode of transportation within the city is the auto-rickshaw. 
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Airport Information

Bhopal Raja Bhoj Airport, Gandhi Nagar Post office, Gandhi Nagar, Bhopal (MP)-462036

Surat Surat - Dumas Rd, Gaviyer, Surat, Gujarat 395007