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Kolhapur to Nanded Flights

Kolhapur to Nanded Flights

Book your travel to any city in India using Adani One! Adani One’s in-depth air travel calendar allows you to plan your vacations with ease. For great travel deals, check out the exciting discounts and rewards on offer on the Adani website. Choose the best flights from those offered by major airlines like IndiGo, Go First, Air India, and Spicejet, all of which are featured on the platform. Simply type in the departure and destination airport details, and select your departure date from the Adani One calendar to book a flight. It is advisable to book a round trip to access the best rewards and discounts. There are no direct flights between Kolhapur to Nanded. However, around 4-5 flights operate daily from Kolhapur to Hyderabad - the nearest airport city to Nanded. The minimum flying time between the two cities is 01h 20m.Suitable flights are scheduled throughout the day to meet the needs of every kind of traveller. All the information regarding flights between Kolhapur to Hyderabad can be found here. Check out the airfare calendar on Adani's one-stop platform for any updates, and book your flight from Kolhapur to Hyderabad today!

Flights from Kolhapur to Nanded


About Nanded Airport

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad is situated in the Shamshabad area, some 22 km from the city centre. It was opened in 2008 and took over as Hyderabad's primary international airport, replacing Begumpet Airport. The airport bears the name of Rajiv Gandhi, a former Indian prime minister. Hyderabad draws many domestic and foreign tourists since it is one of India's main business centres. In terms of passenger traffic, The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is among the busiest airports in India. It is also one of the few green airports in India, focused on energy and environmental preservation through the use of eco-friendly design. The airport has a single, integrated terminal for both local and international flight arrivals and departures. The airport also features a dedicated terminal for Hajj travellers, one that other passengers are not permitted to use.

About Nanded

The city of Nanded lies in the state of Maharashtra. It is the 79th most populated city in India and the tenth biggest city in the state. It is the second-largest city located in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra. Nanded houses the administrative centre for the district of Nanded. Nanded is a notable historical destination in Maharashtra given its long and illustrious existence. It is located on the northern bank of the Godavari river. According to legend, the Nanded region was traversed by the Pandavas during their long travels. Nanded was ruled by the Nanda dynasty during the 4th and 5th centuries.


About Kolhapur Airport

In 1939, Air Services of India, one of the top private aircraft service providers at Juhu Aerodrome (the Mumbai airport), started offering flights to a number of Kolhapur's princely states. The - now modernised airport - offers a variety of general services, such as a vehicle rental desk, tourist information office, and hotel reservation services. Only 9.4 kilometres separate Kolhapur Bus Stand from Kolhapur Airport. The travel time from the bus stop is only 13 minutes. Kolhapur Airport is only 9.8 km from Kolhapur Railway Station

About Kolhapur

Kolhapur is a city in southwestern Maharashtra. It is located to the east of the Western Ghats, beside the Panchganga River. The city once served as the Deccan kingdoms' British residency and as the capital of the princely state of Kolhapur. The city is referred to as the "Varanasi of the South'' and was a major Buddhist centre in the 9th century. Kolhapur is a significant commercial city and is located in a wealthy agricultural region. Its industries include textiles, engineering goods, as well as sugar. The renowned Shivaji University was founded in Kolhapur in 1962. Kolhapur is well-known for its distinctive native jewellery and the Indian handcrafted leather slippers known as Kolhapuri chappals. A peculiar kind of necklace known as the Kolhapuri Saaj is made in Kolhapur. The Bhosale dynasty was the imperial family of Kolhapur; the dynasty ruled over a wealthy empire, especially considering that they were the heirs of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The last sovereign king of Kolhapur was King Chhatrapati Shahaji II Puar; the dynasty is survived by descendants who are considered titular maharajas. While the Kolhapur kings over the years encouraged wrestling, theatre, and other skills, Kolhapur is now a contemporary industrialised city. Kolhapur is well-known for its Shri Mahalakshmi Temple; legend has it that the goddess Mahalakshmi once resided there after a fight with her husband Lord Vishnu.

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Bhavani Mandap

The Bhavani Mandap, also regarded as the oldest and largest ancient monument in Kolhapur, was once Chhatrapati Maharaj's court and palace when he was in power. Numerous statues, carved animals, wooden thrones, and a sculpture of Shahu Maharaj may be found inside the palace. The palace is among the earliest examples of Indo-Saracenic architecture and is made completely of blackstone.

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Jyotiba Temple

As a sign of sincerity, gulal (coloured powder) is offered to the deity in abundance at this temple. Over 3124 feet above sea level, the temple offers a stunning panoramic view of the city. The goddess "Jyotiba" who resides in the temple is thought to be the embodiment of three sacred deities.

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Kopeshwar Temple

Built in the 12th century and dedicated to Shiva, the Kopeshwar Temple is well-known for its exquisite pillars, which are carved to look like gods and goddesses. Statues of various gods, including Vishnu, the Nandi bull, and others, are present at the temple. The temple attracted devotees as well as architecture buffs, the latter due to its magnificent design.

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Panhala Fort

The Panhala Fort, the biggest fort in the Deccan region, is situated close to Kolhapur City. The fort links the inlands of Maharashtra to the Arabian Sea. Built in the 12th century, the Panhala Fort has witnessed much history, often leaving people in awe of its resilience. The Fort exhibits a number of bastions, motifs, and artefacts from several dynasties.

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Rankala Lake

This lake was created by Kolhapur's Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj, and covers a whopping 107 hectaresThe lake has a long history dating back to the 9th century. The lake is surrounded by a number of attractions including the Shalini Palace and the Padmaraje Garden.

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The Vishalgad Fort, also known as "Khelna" locally, was one of the most notable forts built by the Maratha monarchs. Located at a magnificent elevation of 3,500 feet above sea level, the views from the Fort are said to be breathtaking. Vishal, which means splendid, is an apt name for the fort. Chhatrapati Shivaji constructed the fort in 1058; after his death, other Deccan monarchs took control of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no duty-free shops at Kolhapur airport.

You can log in to the respective airline portal to make changes to my flight booking.

There are 4 daily connecting flights flying between Kolhapur To Hyderabad.

There Is one daily direct flight between Kolhapur to Hyderabad; it is offered by IndiGo.

There are 4- 5 flights from Kolhapur to Hyderabad every day.

The Salar Jung Museum was established in the year 1951 and is located on the southern bank of the River Musi in Hyderabad.

The Kolhapuri chappal (footwear) is a world famous handcrafted footwear which was initially designed in the Kolhapur town of Maharashtra state in India

Hyderabad HYD, Kolhapur KLH are the names and codes for airports.

01h 25m is the minimum time required to fly from Kolhapur to Hyderabad.

The first flight leaves at 14:25 hrs from Kolhapur to Hyderabad.

Indigo has the maximum number of flights between Kolhapur To Hyderabad.

The last flight leaves at 15:55 hrs from Kolhapur To Hyderabad.

The temple was built in 1831 by Dhakji Dadaji, a Hindu merchant.
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Airport Information

Kolhapur Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India 416004

Nanded Sangvigaon, Hingoli Road , Ambekar Nagar, Nanded, Maharashtra 431605