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Rajkot to Kolhapur flights

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Are you travelling from Rajkot to Kolhapur? Adani One is here to provide you with all the information you need for your Rajkot to Kolhapur trip! Adani One offers detailed airfare calendars to assist you in selecting the best flight tickets available for the route you need. Regularly updated discounts, cashback offers, and special deals are available on direct and connecting flights. If you have already finalised your return date, it is advisable to book a return ticket to get maximum benefits on Adani One. From flight information to comprehensive travel guides, the platform aims to make your trip as hassle-free as possible. So go ahead and book your Rajkot to Kolhapur trip today on Adani One!

Currently, there are no direct flights from Rajkot to Kolhapur. Travellers need to first travel from Rajkot to Hyderabad. From Hyderabad, they can board a flight to Kolhapur. This is because Kolhapur is only connected to three other cities in India, namely, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Tirupati. A flight from Rajkot to Hyderabad will take around 3 hours and 35 minutes. These flights usually have a layover to two in cities like Mumbai and New Delhi. The flight duration from Hyderabad to Kolhapur is about 1 hour and 30 minutes. This is relevant if you are opting for a direct flight. Connecting flights from Hyderabad to Kolhapur may take 8 hours or more. Various domestic carriers such as IndiGo and Alliance Air operate flights on the Rajkot to Kolhapur aerial route.

Flights from Rajkot to Kolhapur


About Kolhapur Airport 

Kolhapur Airport is owned by the Kolhapur Airport Authority and operated by the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation. The Airports Authority of India has taken several steps to ensure travellers have access to excellent amenities at the airport. Kolhapur Airport's Terminal 1 offers direct flights to major Indian cities. Several flights connect the city to neighbouring states of Maharashtra. Various essential services such as day and night baggage services are available at Kolhapur Airport, along with sophisticated technological features for passenger comfort. This airport also offers ultra-modern baggage handling facilities, cybercafes, shopping malls, and duty-free stores.

Kolhapur Bus Station is about 9.4 km from Kolhapur Airport. The airport is approximately 9.8 km from Kolhapur Railway Station. This is one of the closest train stations to the airport, and it'll take you around 17 minutes to reach this station after leaving the airport.

About Kolhapur

Kolhapur is a city located in the south-western region of Maharashtra. This city is known for its art, education, industries, and sports, especially wrestling. The sugarcane belt runs through Kolhapur and its adjacent areas, with sugarcane being the predominant cash crop in this region. Kolhapur has established its reputation on the world map as a primary manufacturer of jaggery, tobacco, traditional gold ornaments, and leather chappals. This city's industrial development is due to the abundant water supply received from a network of rivers flowing through this area's lush terrain and the hardworking residents of this city.

Apart from being industrially gifted, Kolhapur is both a historically significant city. The city is located on the Panchganga River. It is believed to be blessed by Goddess Mahalaxmi or Ambabai, which is why Kolhapur is also called Dakshin Kashi or Kashi of the West. Kolhapur is also an archaeologically important site because of the ancient temple of Goddess Shri Mahalaxmi being located here.

The streets of Kolhapur also offer excellent opportunities for shopping and snacking. From Kolhapuri chappals and sarees to Kakvi syrup and exotic masalas, this city is renowned for its wonderful local specialties that are not to be missed. Given that Kolhapur is a generally tropical city, it is best to visit it between the months of November and February. This is because the weather in Kolhapur is pleasant and agreeable during the winter season.

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Radhanagari Dam

Radhanagari Dam, erected on the river Bhogawati located in Radhanagari near Kolhapur, is perhaps India's oldest dam. The water from this dam is used by various neighbouring settlements for irrigation and hydropower generation. Furthermore, the scenic landscapes surrounding this dam make it an attractive setting that garners tourist attraction. 

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Ramtirth Waterfall

Ramtirth Waterfall is located on the banks of Hiranyakeshi River in Kolhapur's Ajara Taluka. It is a natural waterfall known for providing excellent seclusion and picturesque surroundings. This location is perfect for picnicking, away from the city's hustle and bustle.

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Rankala Lake

The beautiful Rankala Lake is often referred to as Rankala Chowpatty or the Marine Drive of Kolhapur due to its similarity with the original location. The surroundings of this lake are crowded with food vendors selling tasty snacks. You will find pathways for a leisurely stroll and gardens. Tourists can also enjoy exciting activities such as horse riding and boating. 

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Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Museum

New Palace Museum is a historical museum located in Kolhapur about 4 km from the Kolhapur Railway Station. This museum is located inside Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj's house, the New Palace, which was built between 1877 and 1884. It features an expansive weapon collection, ancient military and combat equipment, royal paintings, and various photo galleries. 

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Temblai Temple

Temblai Temple is located on Temblai Hill. It is a short distance from Mahalakshmi Temple. This temple is devoted to Goddess Renukadevi, also known as Trayamali, who is believed to be the sister of Goddess Mahalakshmi. In the month of Aashaadha, there is a unique celebration here when water is thrown on the temple steps. The festival of Lalita Panchami is another large-scale festival jubilantly observed at this temple. 

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Vishalgad, also known as Khelna or Khilna, is a historical site situated around 3500 ft high. This fort was initially known as Khilgil and was built by the Shilahara King, Marsinah in 1058. This fort was ruled by different monarchs before being conquered by Adil Shah of Bijapur and later by Shivaji in 1659. This is when it was dubbed Vishalgad, which means ‘a splendid fort’ in Marathi. 


About Rajkot Airport

Rajkot Airport is a public airport located in Gujarat. It is Gujarat's fourth-busiest airport. The airport is located 2 km from the city centre. It takes 4 minutes to reach the airport by taxi. This domestic airport primarily services the Rajkot - Mumbai route, with many daily flights operating between the two cities. Rajkot Airport receives many passengers, as the city is a forerunner among industries. This airport is currently operated by the Airports Authority of India and covers an area of 1.00767 sq km. Rajkot Airport has a single terminal serving domestic flights. It provides shuttle bus services, prepaid taxi services, paid parking, childcare rooms, baggage packing, and free Wi-Fi services for the convenience of passengers.

About Rajkot

Rajkot is a city in Gujarat. As of 2021, Rajkot is the 35th-largest metropolitan area in India, with over 2 million people residing in this city. Rajkot is the sixth-cleanest city in the country and the seventh fastest-growing metropolis in the world. This city is located 245 km from the state capital of Gandhinagar located on the banks of the Aji and Nyari rivers. These rivers remain dry till the monsoon months of July and September. Rajkot is situated at an average height of 128 metres. The city has an area of 170 sq km.

This city was primarily established by the Jadeja Clan in the 1610s. Since its founding, Rajkot has been governed by a succession of rulers. Rajkot's prominence originates from the fact that it is one of Gujarat's most important industrial centres. Known for its silken embroidery, jewellery market, and small scale businesses, Rajkot consists of more than 500 foundries. Given its affinity for metallic ornaments, the bazaars of Rajkot are the perfect place to shop for nifty handicrafts and beautiful little trinkets and souvenirs. These bazaars also offer the most vibrant handloom and Bandhani fabrics.

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Aji Dam Garden

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Ishwariya Temple

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Jubilee Garden

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Kaba Gandhi No Delo

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Lal Pari Lake

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Rotary Dolls Museum

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no direct flights from Rajkot to Kolhapur. Passengers must first catch a flight to Hyderabad. From there, they can board a flight to Rajkot. 

Yes. You can carry home-cooked meals on Rajkot to Kolhapur flights. However, it should be dry and tightly sealed. It is best to check with the airline before you carry food on a flight 

There is only one airport in Kolhapur. 

According to the guidelines of most domestic carriers, you can carry 7 kg of cabin luggage and about 15kg of check-in luggage on your Rajkot to Kolhapur flights. 

Winter is the best time to visit Kolhapur. You can visit this city between the months of November and February, as the weather is pleasant and not too warm during this time. 

Winter is the best time to visit Rajkot, as you can conveniently explore this city. This city can get really warm during summer, and it is preferable to visit it during winter. 

The flight distance between Rajkot and Kolhapur is approximately 720 km. 

Currently, a Rajkot to Kolhapur journey via flight should take about 5 hours and 5 minutes to complete. Given that there are no direct flights from Rajkot to Kolhapur, the duration of the journey depends on the availability of flights and layovers. 

KLH is the IATA code of Kolhapur. 

RAJ is the IATA code of Rajkot. 

When in Kolhapur, try the lip-smacking assortment of delicacies offered here, including the ultra-spicy Kolhapuri Misal and the world-famous Pandhra Rassa and Tambda Rassa.  

The city of Rajkot offers various traditional Gujarati dishes such as Dokhla, Havana, Thepla, Undhiyu, and Kadhi. 

Ramtirth Waterfall is the perfect place to visit with your family. It is a beautiful waterfall with picturesque surroundings, which makes it a perfect location for picnics. There are several places to visit in Kolhapur, but this is indeed the best of them.   
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Airport Information

Kolhapur Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India 416004

Rajkot Gandhigram Civil Aerodrome, Gujarat 360006