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Bhuj to Aizawl Flights

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We fully understand that booking flight tickets can be daunting, especially if you happen to be a first-time flyer. Fortunately, there is no need to fret as Adani’s flight booking portal will help you resolve all such issues with just a few clicks. The website has been designed so that online flight ticket bookings from Bhuj to Aizawl are effortless.

The Adani platform displays a complete airfare calendar with all details needed to book both international and domestic flights. The flight status, time, ticket prices, duration, airlines, and other relevant information are all available under one roof. You can also browse the different airlines to find your favourite carrier or sort flights by price to find low-cost air tickets. Moreover, Adani offers exciting discounts and offers, which significantly reduce your Bhuj to Aizawl flight fare price.

You will need to take a connecting flight if you are flying from Bhuj to Aizawl, as there is no direct flight between the two places. One of the best options to fly from Bhuj to Aizawl is via Ahmedabad. You can take a direct flight from Bhuj to Ahmedabad by Star Air. From Ahmedabad, you can catch a connecting flight to Aizawl via Kolkata. IndiGo is the first flight that departs from Ahmedabad Airport. It leaves at 6:10 am, and you can expect to land in the state capital of Mizoram by 2:30 pm.

Flights from Bhuj to Aizawl


About Aizawl Airport

Aizawl Airport (IATA: AJL, ICAO: VELP) or Lengpui Airport is a domestic airport in Mizoram. Located about 32 km from the city centre, it is one of the few large-scale domestic airports built and maintained by the state government in 1995.

Since its creation, the airport has significantly contributed to the tourism sector of Mizoram. Aizawl Airport is connected to many major cities of the country, of which Kolkata, Guwahati, and New Delhi are prominent. Travellers can book connecting flights from these cities to visit Aizawl. The Aizawl to Kolkata and Aizawl to Guwahati routes are the busiest routes.

The airport has a single terminal that handles both the arrivals and departures with all necessary amenities. There are separate lounges for arrivals and departures. You can find postal services, ATMs, refreshment shops, and prepaid taxi services. Besides trolleys for luggage transport, you will also find wheelchairs for differently-abled passengers and senior citizens. Mizoram state and interstate transport buses are also available to commute to Aizawl from Lengpui Airport.

About Aizawl

Aizawl is the capital of the northeastern Indian state of Mizoram. Aizawl is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty. At an elevation of 1,132 m above sea level, Aizawl is Mizoram's political and cultural centre.

Mizoram, a tiny state in northeast India, is also known as the eastern extension of the Himalayas. It is called the land of rolling hills, the land of highlanders, and the nightingale of India.

It is also famous for intricate handicrafts and ethnic apparel. The people here are known for their warm and affectionate demeanour towards tourists. Aizawl attracts thousands of tourists every year thanks to its unique tribal culture, scenic landscapes, forests, sky-high mountains, and flora and fauna. Aizawl has a pleasant climate which offers a great getaway to travellers running away from the scorching heat of the infamous Indian summer. It is a perfect place to relax and enjoy Mizo culture.

Attractions such as the Mizoram State Museum and other heritage and cultural sites around Aizawl are ideal platforms to learn more about the culture in Mizoram. The town is also well-connected with major destinations in the Northeast and other parts of the country by road, train, and air.

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Durtlang Hills

Located in the northern part of Aizawl, Durtlang is a famous tourist attraction that offers enchanting and panoramic views of the state capital. You can also opt for light hikes and treks. The city looks like a shiny golden plate from the Durtlang Hills in the morning.

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KV Paradise

KV Paradise, on top of the Durtlang Hills, is a private museum dedicated to a loving wife by her husband. Mrs Rosangpuii Varte died in a motor accident in 2001. Her husband erected this two-storey monument that houses a large painting of the deceased, her footwear, and other apparel.

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Lake Tamdil

Tamdil, the Lake of Mustard, is a picturesque lake at Siatul Village. The place is around 87 km from Aizawl and is one of the most popular tourist places. The lake is surrounded by a thick forest, home to a wide species of trees, plants, and animals.

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Mizoram State Museum

Situated in the heart of Aizawl, the Mizoram State Museum displays the rich heritage and culture of the state. This ethnological museum is home to over 2,500 items depicting Mizoram's rich culture. An entire gallery of natural history specimens offers a glimpse of the lives and cultures of the various Mizo tribes.

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Reiek Tlang or Reiek is one of the highest hills in Mizoram, located 29 km from Aizawl. Standing on the top of Reiek Hill, one can get a glimpse of the scenic landscape, mystic mountains, small valleys, and hills of Mizoram. The tourism department has set up a heritage village in Reiek, where tourists can get a sneak peek of the culture and the lifestyle of Mizoram’s villagers.

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Vantawng Falls

Vantawng Falls is a popular tourist attraction in Mizoram, about 92 km from Aizawl. It is the highest uninterrupted waterfall in the state and the 13th highest in India. As thick forests surround the place, getting close to the falls is almost impossible. However, a viewing tower has been constructed nearby to help visitors admire the sheer magnificence of the waterfall.


About Bhuj Airport

Shyamji Krishna Verma Airport or Bhuj Airport (IATA: BHJ, ICAO: VABJ) is a domestic airport just 3 km from the city centre. It is 48 km from the Indo-Pakistan border; hence, it also serves as the base for the Indian Air Force.

Bhuj Airport shares its runway with the Bhuj Rudra Mata Airport Base. Bhuj Airport served earthquake victims as it was used as a first aid centre; it also became the centre for medical aid and food supplies. This airport still plays a vital role in serving the Border Security Force.

The airport terminal is spacious enough to handle 350 passengers at a time. It has all the essential facilities a domestic airport must have. The airport terminal has four check-in counters and a security check-in for passengers equipped with x-ray baggage scanners.

Trolleys and wheelchair services and a helpdesk for senior citizens and the differently-abled are also available at the airport. Given the airport’s proximity to the city centre, finding transportation services is an easy task. You can easily get a taxi or a bus from Bhuj Airport to your destination.

About Bhuj

Bhuj is located in the Kutch district of Gujarat and is a hub of Rajput culture and heritage. Established in 1510 by Rao Hamirji, Bhuj served as the state capital of the Kutch region up to 1960. Kutch was assimilated into the state of Gujarat subsequently.

Although located in the heart of the barren land of Kutch, Bhuj is full of lush greenery and beautiful hills. This allows Bhuj to receive enthusiastic visitors throughout the year, especially during Rann Utsav, a significant festival in the middle of the desert. The celebrations occur in the white desert sands from mid-November to late February in Bhuj. Bhuj also boasts of numerous monuments and cultural sites that will mesmerise history buffs.

Bhuj is also famous for its unique art, especially garments embellished with Kutchi-Bharat, a type of embroidery which is world-famous. Bhuj is well-connected to the rest of Gujarat and other major cities by road, train, and air.

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Aina Mahal

Constructed in the 18th century, the Aina Mahal is one of the major tourist attractions in Bhuj. The palace exhibits glittering glasses and artefacts; hence, its name is Aina Mahal, which is Hindi for “Palace of Mirrors”. A massive earthquake in 2001 devastated the structure, but the palace still speaks of its royal past through the various artefacts.

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Bhujia Hill

Bhujio Dungar is a famous hill in Bhuj overlooking the lovely town. Atop the hill is the Bhujia Fort, named after the temple of snake god Bhujanga, built in the 17th century by Jadeja Rulers. You must climb nearly 200 stairs to reach the summit, but its mesmerising view is worth the effort.

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Hamirsar Lake

Built by Rao Hamir, Hamirsar Lake is one of the largest human-made water bodies in the region. Hamirsar Lake was envisioned as an oasis of peace and tranquillity in the hot saline desert of the Rann of Kutch. It is an excellent place to take a casual stroll or go boating with friends and family. October to November would be the most suitable time to visit this fantastic lake.

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Kutch Museum

The Kutch Museum, Gujarat's oldest museum, has a collection of antique coins and writing in the now-extinct Kutchi script. The museum also displays tribal antiquities. It is also known for needlework, paintings, weaponry, musical instruments, sculptures, and fine metal works.

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Prag Mahal

Next to the Aina Mahal lies another grand palace called Prag Mahal. The palace boasts a blend of Gothic and Corinthian-style architecture. It also has the country's second-highest clock tower, which offers a breathtaking view of Bhuj.

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Swaminarayan Mandir

The temple is dedicated to lord Narnarayana Dev and is the first of the many temples of the Swaminarayan sect. It was established in 1822, but a devastating earthquake in 2001 destroyed much of the temple. It was reconstructed a short distance away from the original site.

Frequently Asked Questions

IndiGo frequently operates flights from Ahmedabad to Aizawl.

AJL is the IATA code for Aizawl Airport.

The first flight from Ahmedabad to Aizawl is by IndiGo at 4:10 am.

The last flight from Ahmedabad to Aizawl is by IndiGo at 9:00 am.

You can take a Mizoram state transport bus or interstate transport bus to reach the city centre from the airport.

The best time to visit Aizawl is during the winter season, from November to March.

You can reach Bhuj Airport in an auto or private taxi.

There is a direct (non-stop) flight by Star Air between Bhuj and Ahmedabad.

To avoid airport queues and avail of the web check-in service, visit the official airline websites. Fill in the cities of departure and arrival, PNR number and last name so you can select your preferred seats and meals.

The direct flight from Bhuj to Ahmedabad takes only 1 hour.

You can find various offers and discounts on the Adani website to book cheap air tickets.

Bhuj has harsh summers.  The best time to visit Bhuj is from November to February when the weather is not too chilly.
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Airport Information

Aizawl 796421, Mamit Rd, Lengpui, Mizoram 796421

Bhuj IAF Campus, Bhuj, Gujarat 370001