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Jodhpur to Pune Flights

Travelling from Jodhpur to Pune is easy now with Adani's one-stop platform. It provides a user-friendly information display, so that you can complete your booking without any hassles. Once you type your origin and destination cities in the search box, a detailed airfare calendar is displayed; you can choose the cheapest flight from Jodhpur to Pune with just a click. In addition, you also get the best deal on your ticket as the offers and discounts are updated regularly on the platform. The benefits of offers/discounts are not limited to direct flights but also can be availed for connecting flights.

Currently, there are no direct flights between Jodhpur and Pune. The best alternative is to take a connecting flight on this route. There are about three connecting flights from Jodhpur to Pune every day, and IndiGo operates the most number of flights on this route. The minimum time required to fly from Jodhpur to Pune is 6 hours and 25 minutes.

Try the Adani platform today to get the best flight ticket price from Jodhpur to Pune.

Flights from Jodhpur to Pune


About Pune Airport

The Pune International Airport (PNQ) is situated in Lohargaon, approximately 10 km away from the city centre. The Air Force Station at Lohargaon is also located nearby, and the Air Force authorities handle the airport traffic control. The airport had served as a base for the fighter jets of the RAF (Royal Air Force) during World War II.

Over 8 million passengers used the airport last year, and the traffic is multiplying. As a result, a new terminal building is under construction and is expected to be integrated with the existing one sooner. All the basic passenger services like currency exchange, ATMs, a baby care room, tourist information desk, and food courts are available at the airport. In addition, there are two separate paid lounges for passengers. Taxis and rental cars are readily available outside the airport.

pune airport
About Pune

Pune is one of the largest cities in Maharashtra. Several independent surveys have ranked it as one of the most liveable cities in India. Pune is situated on the Deccan Plateau at an elevation of about 1850 ft. You can visit Pune any time as it experiences mild weather throughout the year. However, the best time to visit Pune is from October to March.

Pune has a rich history; the city was the seat of the Peshwas in the 18th century and was an important administrative and commercial centre of India at that time. Post-independence, the city underwent rapid development and turned into a major industrial centre. Today, Pune is a significant hub for the automobile industry and a leading centre for Information Technology. In addition, the city is a base for pharmaceutical companies.

Pune has some of the best educational and research institutions, attracting many students from all over the country and abroad. It has a rich heritage of Indian classical music and Marathi performing arts.

Pune is a visitors' delight with several historic attractions. Besides, eating out in Pune is another beautiful experience. Trying out Pune's Vada Pav, Missi Pav and Dabelis is an absolute must!

Card image cap
Hawa Mahal

Easily the most visited place in the city, Hawa Mahal is a massive pink and red sandstone palace. Built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh in 1799, the palace gets its name from the numerous (close to 1000) windows that keep the entire building cool and ventilated.

Card image cap
Albert Hall Museum

Albert Hall Museum is located just outside the City Palace and is one of the best places to visit in Jaipur. It is the oldest museum in the state of Rajasthan. It boasts a rich collection of murals, Persian paintings, sculptures, crystal work and jewellery. The star attraction of this museum is the Egyptian Museum. The architectural beauty of the museum is equally impressive. It is a must-visit tourist attraction for history buffs and art lovers.

Card image cap
Amer Fort

Amber Fort was built by Raja Man Singh and is known for its artistic style elements. The humongous palace is located on a hilltop offering a beautiful panoramic view of the city. The palace has large ramparts and a series of gates to save it from the enemy’s attack. The fort is vast and has cobbled paths. The palace also has a series of underground tunnels which are not accessible to the public. This palace is a great example of Rajputana architecture.

Card image cap
Nahargarh Fort

Nahargarh Fort is another excellent example of Rajputana architecture. The retreat palace is located on the top of Aravali Hills and offers charming views of the city. It has an extended wall that connects it to Jaigarh Fort. The palace boasts Indo-European architecture. There are many structures inside the palace, including ponds, temples, and open-air enclosures, for the common people.

Card image cap
Chokhi Dhani

Experience Rajasthani hospitality and culture at its finest at Chokhi Dhani. It is a luxury and ethnic resort in Jaipur created in the form of a mock village. Feast on lip-smacking Rajasthani flavours and revel in dancing to the Rajasthani kalbeliya tunes. There are many fair games and attractions for the visitors. It is one of the best places to visit in Jaipur where you can spend a whole day with your family.


About Jodhpur Airport

The Jodhpur Airport (JDH) is managed by the Airport Authority of India (AAI). It shares its airspace with the Indian Air Force. It was a small airfield, part of the Jodhpur Flying Club, which became the city airport over the years. The airport is only 5 km from the city centre.

It is a small airport with limited direct connectivity. However, one can easily get connecting flights from the airport to several major Indian cities. A flight from Jodhpur to Pune is a connecting one.

The airport has only one terminal. It has all the basic amenities for passengers but offers limited shopping and eating options. Pre-paid taxi and car rentals are readily available at the airport.

jodhpur airport
About Jodhpur

The city of Jodhpur got its name after its founder, Rao Jodha of the Rathore Kingdom (founded in 1459 AD). It is one of the largest cities in Rajasthan. It is also sometimes referred to as the blue city as many houses in the old town around the Mehrangarh Fort are painted in shades of blue.

Jodhpur is famous for its handicraft industry. Jodhpur's Bandhej sari, wooden showpieces, pointed shoes or jootis (local name) are world-famous. However, the local speciality of Jodhpur is the unique craft works on camel and other animal bones.

Jodhpur is connected by air to all the main cities in India. It is also an important division of the Indian Railways.

Card image cap
Jaswant Thada

Jaswant Thada is a cenotaph built in 1899. It has uniquely carved thin marble sheets that glow under sunlight. The place of the cenotaph was planned as a cremation ground for the royal family of Jodhpur. The surrounding area is decorated with a tiered garden, a small lake and gazebos for seating.

Card image cap
Mehrangarh Fort

The Mehrangarh Fort, built by Rao Jodha, is the most popular tourist spot in Jodhpur. The fort structure has been remodelled over five centuries, resulting in a unique mixture of architectural influences from different periods. There are seven gates in the fort. Jai Pole, the best-known one, was built to celebrate the victory of Mewar over the armies of the Jaipur and Bikaner rulers. Today, the fort houses a grand museum and a beautifully restored 18th-century garden, Chokelao Bagh.

Card image cap
Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park

The Desert Rock Park is located near the Mehrangarh Fort. The park represents an ecologically restored desert with distinctive volcanic rock. It also has a visitor's centre and an Interpretation gallery. Walking trails make the visit to the park exciting.

Card image cap
Umaid Bhawan

Umaid Bhawan Palace is another major landmark of Jodhpur. The grand yellow sandstone building is spread over 26 acres. Umaid Bhawan was the residence of the erstwhile royal family of Jodhpur and today has been converted into a luxury hotel.

Card image cap
Ghanta Ghar

Ghanta Ghar in Jodhpur, Rajasthan is a majestic clock tower in the city centre, built over 200 years ago by King Sardar Singh. It is a renowned landmark that marks the beginning of Old Jodhpur and is known as Rajasthan’s clock tower. The top of the tower offers a spectacular view of the city. Near the tower are marketplaces where one can find all sorts of local goods. Sardar Market, named after the late ruler, is the most well-known. The marketplaces and tower are a must-see for those who want to learn about and experience Jodhpur’s people and culture. This neighbourhood is home to a diverse group of people from many walks of life. The tower comes to life at night when it is fully illuminated, providing a wonderful finale to a day spent shopping at the markets.

Card image cap
Mandore Garden

Jodhpur is a well-known tourist destination in Rajasthan. Jodhpur’s culture, heritage, and royalty delight visitors in a variety of ways. In summary, Jodhpur is a heritage site that adds to Rajasthan’s splendour and history. Mandore Garden, with its royal cenotaphs, is one of the major tourist attractions in Jodhpur. The garden features lovely trees that serve to create a relaxing and serene atmosphere. The small ponds are teeming with fish and birds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, there are no direct flights from Jodhpur to Pune.

The first connecting flight to Pune from Jodhpur is Indigo 6E 817, departing at 3:40 pm.

A flight from Jodhpur to Pune takes around 6 hours and 25 minutes.

The IATA code for Jodhpur Airport is JDH. The IATA code for Pune is PNQ.

When you miss a connecting flight, the baggage stays with you and gets loaded on the next available flight.

Yes, carrying food is allowed. However, it must be tightly packed in a container.

Generally, the ticket price for a connecting flight is higher than that of a direct one.

Individual airlines decide on the baggage allowances within the guidelines of the regulating body. Generally, the check-in luggage allowance is 15 kg (one piece).

Jodhpur Airport is only 5 km from the city. Therefore, depending on the traffic, it takes between 15- 30 minutes.

Yes, plenty of taxis and rental cars are available at the Pune Airport.

You can buy insurance to cover any risks associated with air travel.

You can check the status of the flight tickets on the airline's website.

  • Step 1: Visit the airline's website and search for Manage my Booking option;
  • Step 2: Make the necessary changes using your PNR.
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    Airport Information

    Pune New Airport Rd, Pune International Airport Area, Lohegaon, Pune, Maharashtra 411032

    Jodhpur Civil Airport Road, Air Force Area, Ratanada, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342011