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Lost and Found FAQs

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In case you lose your belongings at the airport, there is nothing to worry about. Jaipur Airport has a structured process to help you retrieve your missing items.

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All the agencies at the airport are directed to deposit any unclaimed goods with the Lost & Found department at the airport. So, if you lose something at the terminal, there are high chances to retrieve your belongings.

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You can reach out to the Terminal Manager Office at Terminal 2 between Departure Gate 1 and 2 or contact them at +91 9414042871.

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There is no fee to reclaim any lost item at Jaipur Airport.

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Lost item at Jaipur Airport can be claimed as per the following process-
  • Step 1: Contact the Lost & Found department and submit your details.
  • Step 2: Lost & Found team will verify the details and revert to the passenger.
  • Step 3: In case the item is verified, it can be claimed by producing the required documents.

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The lost items may be claimed on producing the following documents during working hours only:
  • Copy of Boarding Pass/Ticket
  • Copy of Passport / Government ID card
  • The details of the items being claimed
  • A letter filled and signed by the owner with details of the items being claimed
  • Government-authorised photo ID, preferably Passport / Driving Licence / Aadhaar Card / Voter ID Card

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The Lost and Found department responds within 48 hours of notification by the passenger.

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