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Baby Care Room

Travelling with your young ones can be both exciting and challenging. To address your needs, we have a well-equipped baby care room at Jaipur Airport so that you can take care of your tiny tots in comfort and privacy. At baby care, you can attend to your infant in a hygienic and hassle-free way. You can find a variety of baby care products like baby lotion, baby cream, gentle baby soap, baby hair oil, baby powder, and baby diapers in the room along with a diaper-changing table for your comfort. So, fret not if your baby needs your attention; you have a go-to place to take care of your little one. 


Terminal 2

  • First Floor Departure, Common Sitting Area.
  • Departure - Second Floor, Near Gate 2 & 3.
  • Departure - Ground Floor Near Check-in Area.
  • Arrival - Ground Floor Near Belt no 2.


Frequently Asked Questions

The baby care room at Jaipur Airport is equipped with resources like baby care products, seating facility, and diaper changing tables.
The baby care room at Jaipur Airport is meant to provide changing and feeding facilities to mothers so that they can take care of their little ones in privacy and comfort.
Baby care rooms are located at the following locations in Terminal 2:
  • Departure - 1st Floor, Common Sitting Area
  • Departure - 2nd Floor, near Gate 2 & 3
  • Departure - Ground Floor near Check-in Area
  • Arrival - Ground Floor near Belt no.2
Presently, there is four baby rooms at the Jaipur Airport.
Baby care rooms at Jaipur Airport are open 24/7.