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Charging Points

There are multiple charging stations at Jaipur International Airport to ensure you don't run out of your cell phone or laptop's battery while travelling.


Terminal 2

  • Departure Sitting Area, Ground Floor
  • Departure Sitting Area, First Floor
  • Departure Sitting Area, Second Floor
  • Arrival Sitting Area, Ground Floor


Frequently Asked Questions

Phone charging stations are located on the following locations at the Terminal 2:

  • Departure Sitting Area - Ground floor
  • Departure Sitting Area - First floor
  • Departure Sitting Area - Second floor
  • Arrival Sitting Area - Ground Floor
Charging stations at Jaipur International Airport ensure that you have a source to charge your mobile phone or laptop while travelling.
The charging stations are operational 24/7 and can be used at any time.
Presently, 20 phone charging points are stationed at the key passenger touch points at Jaipur International Airport's Arrival and Departure areas.