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Foreign Currency Exchange

When you are travelling to a new place, getting your currency exchanged should be the simplest of transactions. For the convenience of commuters and tourists, the forex exchange facility is available at arrivals and departure, offering easy access to outbound and inbound travelers at Jaipur Airport so that they are at ease the moment they step out of the airport. With this facility at the airport, buying and selling currency for your vacations and business trips couldn’t be easier.


  • Arrival - In front of Medical Centre.
  • Departure - International Departure Hall.

Contact Details:

0141- 2947599


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can exchange currency at Jaipur Airport.
The Currency exchange counter is available at:
  • Arrival - In front of medical centre room.
  • Departure - At the International Departure Hall.
Yes, you can call on 0141- 2947599 if you have a query regarding currency exchange at Jaipur Airport.
Currency exchange at Jaipur Airport lets you convert one currency, like dollars, to another, like rupees. You give foreign currency exchange an amount in one currency. They give you a different currency with a similar purchasing power while subtracting out any fees or other charges for the services.