We understand that travel plans can change, and sometimes it becomes necessary to cancel a train ticket. Now, the train ticket cancellation has become easier and more convenient with the use of Adani One app. Passengers, who want to cancel their train reservation, do not have to stand in the long ques and wait for their number. IRCTC train ticket cancellation can be now done through Adani One, which helps you to plan your travel more conveniently.

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Here Are Some Key Points to Keep in Mind Regarding Train Ticket Cancellation

  1. Cancellation Policy: Before initiating a cancellation, it's important to familiarize yourself with the cancellation policy of the specific train or ticket you have booked. Different trains and ticket types may have different cancellation rules, including refund eligibility and applicable charges.
  2. Timeframe for Cancellation: Generally, train ticket cancellations can be made up to a certain period before the scheduled departure time. It is important to be aware of the specific timeframe within which you can cancel your ticket to ensure a smooth process.
  3. Cancellation Methods: On Adani One, you can choose to cancel your train ticket online very easily. Moreover, there are some tickets that can be cancelled at the railway station ticket counters, subject to the applicable rules and regulations.
  4. Refund Process: Depending on the cancellation policy and the time of cancellation, you can be eligible for a refund. Refunds are typically processed through the same payment method used for booking the ticket. It is important to note that cancellation charges, if applicable, may be deducted from the refund amount.
  5. Cancellation Charges: In some cases, cancellation charges may apply based on the time of cancellation and the type of ticket. These charges are determined by the railway authorities and are subject to their policies. It is recommended to check the specific cancellation charges applicable to your ticket before initiating the cancellation.
  6. Canceling E-Tickets: If you have booked an e-ticket, the cancellation process is usually simple. You can log in to Adani One, navigate to the ticket cancellation section, provide the required details, and cancel your ticket.
  7. Canceling Counter Tickets: If you have purchased a ticket from a railway station counter, the cancellation process may require you to visit the station ticket counter in person. Please ensure you carry the necessary identification and ticket details for a smooth cancellation experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are steps to be followed:

  • Simply log in to Adani One.
  • Navigate to the ticket cancellation section,
  • Provide the required details, and
  • Follow the prompts to cancel your ticket.

You can log on to Adani One website or app with your credentials know the status of your train ticket cancellation. Below are steps:

  • Sign in to Adani One website or app.
  • Go to booking history section.
  • Choose ‘cancelled trains,’ section.
  • Select ‘fully’ or ‘partially’ to check the list of cancelled trains.
IRCTC does permit cancellation of counter tickets, but only if a valid cellphone number was provided at the time of reservation. If the ticket is fully confirmed, it is possible to cancel counter tickets online up to 4 hours prior to the scheduled departure or the chart preparation, whichever comes first. Online cancellation for RAC/WL counter tickets is allowed up to 30 minutes prior to train departure. You can sign in to Adani One and check the counter tickets and can also initiate PNR status enquiry. In addition, you can make IRCTC train ticket booking on the app.
Yes, both full and partial cancellations are possible using the online cancellation feature. A reservation may only be cancelled in its whole, such as the reservation for a single group member. You only need to pick the appropriate option throughout the cancelling procedure. Also, you can cancel train ticket using PNR number. In addition, passengers use train platform locator to know the exact position of the coach without much hassle.
IRCTC needs five to seven business days after receiving confirmation of your cancellation to complete your refund. However, processing time for a railway ticket refund requested through TDR is at least 60 days. The refund amount will be credited to the account that was used to make the booking.
It is not feasible to alter or change a passenger's age after booking the ticket. The ticket checker in the train could still let you go, though, if the age gap is not too great. But if you choose to take a chance, don't forget to bring identification with you. Also, it is also worth knowing the train running status which can be done through Adani One.
No, if your train is cancelled due to flooding, an accident, or any other cause, you do not need to submit a cancel ticket request or a TDR. In such a circumstance, regardless of the status of your ticket (confirmed/RAC/WL), IRCTC automatically gives a full refund of the ticket fee. Apart from this, you can initiate IRCTC ticket cancellation using Adani One at any given point in time.
Online ticket cancellation is not permitted once the train's schedule has been established. With your PNR number, Yatra reference number, and the transaction ID listed on your ticket, write an email to IRCTC for more clarity. Additionally, you can check IRCTC cancellation charges using Adani One.
Tatkal ticket reservations are made for quick trips. Tatkal train ticket reservation window for every train opens one day before departure at 10 AM for AC (Air-Conditioned Class) and at 11 AM for non-AC. In fact, tatkal tickets can be booked online in IRCT website on Adani One app. There is a set tatkal quota for each train and class, and it changes from station to station.
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