The precise location of the train coach position or bogies is known as the coach position. This describes the kind of a train coach it is and where each bogie should be placed. It is crucial that you, as a passenger, are aware of the train coach position, train berth position and train seat position so that you can quickly find it, plan your route, avoid any confusion, and board the train without rushing. Apart from this, it enables you to choose preferred train coach and making plans based on the amenities offered by each train coach.

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Steps to Check Train Coach PositionSteps to Check Train Coach Position

Steps to Check Train Coach Position

To find the train coach position and seat layout of any train in Indian Railways, simply use the coach position checking tool on IRCTC website. Enter the train number or train code of your desired train, and you will be provided with the coach position details. This tool allows you to check the positions of coaches in various classes such as sleeper, 2S, 3AC, 2AC, and 1AC. Discover the layout of seats in each coach class effortlessly through this convenient feature.

Importance of Train Coach PositionImportance of Train Coach Position

Importance of Train Coach Position

Knowing the train’s coach position will prevent you from having to rush between platforms. You may avoid the hassle of dragging your bulky bags around by being informed of where the coaches are located. You can make sure you get to the appropriate area on time by knowing exactly where your coach will be. Also, the train platform locator helps in tracking the train coach position. In addition, the train coach position chart may also be used to obtain details on the amenities present in each coach, such as the kind of seat, the placement of the lavatory, the presence of a pantry, etc. You can arrange your travel properly and select the ideal coach with the help of this information.

Frequently Asked Questions

The sequence number of a train coach in relation to the engine is known as the coach position. You may position yourself correctly on the train platform by being aware of the train coach position in advance.
Check the coach position and seat layout of any Indian Railways train by entering the train number or code in the coach position checking tool on IRCTC website. Explore positions in sleeper, 2S, 3AC, 2AC, and 1AC classes.
Yes, you may use your phone or SMS to find out where the train’s coaches are. Simply contact the Indian Railways inquiry number 139 or send an SMS to a specified number with your PNR number. To avoid any last-minute misunderstanding or trouble, it is advised to verify the coach's position in advance using the official website or mobile app. Also, you can use IRCTC ticket booking to know the train seat availability.
Don't panic if you can't find your coach number on the railway ticket. For more information, use inquiry number 139, online resources, or the coach position chart at the station. Alternatively, you can use the facility of IRCTC’s tatkal ticket booking in order to ensure the seat reservation.
The train coaches are typically connected.
Although Indian Railways' information on coach positions is mostly correct, operational considerations sometimes cause adjustments. In order to avoid confusion, you should always verify the coach position information before boarding the train on the website, mobile application, or at the station. You can get support if you have any query by contacting the station officials or the railway inquiry service. You can check IRCTC’s train seat availability before you plan to book the tickets.

You may check your coach position on the train in a few different ways:

  • Chart about coach position: Before the train arrives, a chart indicating the order and positioning of each coach is put on display at the station.
  • Online: By entering their PNR number, passengers may check the position of their coach on the Indian Railways website or mobile application.
  • Enquiry Numbers: Passengers can phone the Indian Railways inquiry number 139 to find out the position of the coach.
  • Platform Indicators: Some stations feature electronic display boards that show the coaches of incoming trains as they approach the station.

It is recommended to check the train coach position before boarding the train to avoid any confusion or hassle.

Indian Railways offers a variety of coach classes. Here are quick details:

  • 2S: Second Seating (2S) is a coach class with bench-style seats that is not air conditioned. The least expensive coach class, it is typically congested.
  • 2A: Second AC (2A) is a sleeping coach class with air conditioning. In comparison to higher classes like First AC (1A) and Executive Class (EC), it is more comfortable than 2S and less costly.

When booking the tickets , you may select your favourite coach class according on your budget and comfort. The coach position chart and the ticket carry the mention of the coach class. Additionally, you may use access the Indian Railway website and browse the available alternatives.

Ans: In Indian Railways, passengers are not permitted to enter Pantry Cars (Coaches). In order for the Pantry crew to quickly reach the other coaches of the train for serving reasons, the Pantry Car is often in the centre of a train's coach sequence.
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