Check the Platform Number of Your Train in Seconds!

If you have travel plans and knowing the train platform number in advance really comforts your journey. For passengers, it gets very convenient when they know in advance about the train platform status so that they can locate their train with much ease.

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Why to Check Train Platform LocatorWhy to Check Train Platform Locator

Why to Check Train Platform Locator

The reason is simple and easy to understand. Passengers can find out the exact train platform number where their train is expected to arrive. The train platform locator service operates at each station based on the most recent and historical information regarding the platform on which the train has arrived. The arrival details which passengers can check on IRCTC website by using its train platform locator service is very accurate. Not only this but passengers can also make IRCTC platform enquiry about list of trains arriving at which platform number, as this helps them to plan their travel very conveniently.

Important Things to Do When You Arrive at The Train PlatformImportant Things to Do When You Arrive at The Train Platform

Important Things to Do When You Arrive at The Train Platform

It is very helpful to reach railway station as early as you can, as this helps you to check platform number of a train, which gives you enough time to go easy in the usually crowded railway station. Besides, there are other important things which needs to be taken into consideration. Below are the following:

  • Being on time is crucial when planning a train journey in India to prevent any accidents.
  • You must arrive at your starting station at least one hour before the scheduled arrival time of your train.
  • The Indian railway trains' time table is always changing. Trains frequently run late, but if you get there early, you will find out about any changes in advance.
  • Once you reach the station, locate the platform where you will board your train. If you get there early, you will get to know about schedule or any changes in platform in advance.
  • If you are uncertain or feel you have missed an update, you can ask any railway official directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on train’s arrival data, the train platform locator assists travellers in knowing the precise train platform number where their preferred train often arrives. This is one of the quickest and most trustworthy ways to get the precise platform number where the train will arrive.
You can check the platform number on Indian Railway website by entering the train name or train number in the input box, and choose the station from the menu, and then click the ‘train platform number’ button to find platform number of train. The page will display the platform number along with information such as the zone, address, and train arrival and departure times for that station. Also, you can ask local coolies and hawkers at the station about the train platform number since they are regular in the station.
  • Train number: The train number that we want to inquire about must be entered.
  • Train name: The train name that we want to inquire about must be entered.
  • Station name and code: We need to choose the station name for the inquiry.
  • Platform number: In this section, we are given the platform number of the requested station, where we can expect the train to arrive.
  • Origin station: The name of the station from which the train originated is displayed (origin stop).
  • Destination station: This is the station's name (sometimes known as the destination stop) where the train will arrive.
You can enter the train name or number in platform locator tool on Indian Railway website and can quickly get the train platform number. The PNR number is not always required for this.
You can dial railway enquiry helpline number 139 to know the train’s platform number.
The train platform information provided by Indian railways is usually accurate, although occasionally its accuracy might be compromised by a station master's last-minute change of platform. We are all aware that the train platform number is chosen by the station master before an hour rather than being announced in advance. However, occasionally they change the train platform number without giving any advance notification owing to too many trains in the station. Train platform locator displays the platform number based on the train's past arrival and departure information, so you only need to check it with the railway enquiry counter or coolies/hawkers to avoid any last-minute hassle.
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