The train running status is the service that is offered by Indian Railways which enables passengers to track the live running status of trains in real-time including the arrival and departure time. It also helps passengers to monitor live train status and spot train services. In addition, passengers can also know train boarding platform number, delays in departure or arrival and the several names of upcoming station in between the journey.

At Adani One, we are aware that how crucial it is to be informed during your train journey. You would always want to know the present location, expected arrival and departure times, delays, stations during the journey, and also boarding platform number thanks to our seamless experience.

You can rely on our ‘Train Running Status’ service to keep you informed of any delays, modifications, or interruptions in train services since it uses accurate and reliable information obtained through official channels. We place a high priority on giving you the most up-to-date information so that you can confidently plan your trip. Enjoy the comfort and security that come with using our Train Running Status service.

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Details That Can Be Checked Under Live Train Running StatusDetails That Can Be Checked Under Live Train Running Status

Details That Can Be Checked Under Live Train Running Status

You can find out all the key information in the live train running status, including how much it is delayed and when it is expected to arrive at the next stop. The following details regarding the train trip are provided by live train enquiry:

  • It displays every station that the particular train stops at over its whole route
  • It displays the estimated time of arrival and departure for stations that the train has not yet reached based on its present live train running status
  • It displays the stations in chronological sequence, like beginning with the origin station and concluding with the destination station
  • It displays the delay times (in case of any delay) for each station it has covered along the way
  • It displays both the train’s arrival time at each stop and its departure time from each station for each station
  • Additionally, it displays how long the train was stopped at a certain station

All this has been able to put into implementation due to the National Train Enquiry System (NTES), that provides passengers with key details about the train live status disseminates data to important portals, helpline numbers, mobile applications, railway enquiry counters, and station display boards.

Know National Train Enquiry System (NTES) Train EnquiryKnow National Train Enquiry System (NTES) Train Enquiry

Know National Train Enquiry System (NTES) Train Enquiry

The National Train Enquiry System (NTES) of Indian Railways provides passengers with important information. It gives the public access to almost real-time information regarding train timetables, live stations, trains live status and more. One of NTES’s most helpful services, Spot Your Train, which provides details on a train’s present location and anticipated time of arrival at the station. The NTES website and mobile applications provide travellers with access to train information.

The Indian Railways NTES app, which supports Microsoft devices, iOS and Android, provides following services to the passengers:

  • Train Schedule
  • Spot Your Train
  • Live Station
  • Rescheduled Trains
  • Diverted Trains
  • Train between Stations
  • Cancelled Trains

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Frequently Asked Questions

The ability to follow trains running status, present position, and expected arrival and departure times at every station along the route is known as live train status. Additionally, you can use this to view the train’s current delay. You can also check the status of your train in real time to see if it is running on schedule or if there is a delay in getting to your destination. You can use Adani One website or app app to book the rail tickets and view the live train status.
A train's running status can be quickly and easily checked. You can get real-time information on the position of the train, anticipated arrival and departure timings, anticipated delays (if any), and more by simply entering the train number or name in the appropriate search box on Adani One.
You can, indeed! Our platform offers a practical map view that makes it easy to follow the whereabouts of the train in real time. You can use this function to keep track of its position along the road, which will make it simpler for you to organise your timetable appropriately.
We work hard to deliver the most precise and trustworthy train running status information possible. Our platform gathers information from reputable government agencies and makes use of cutting-edge technologies to ensure that the data shown is as accurate as possible. However, unforeseeable events or technological problems might occasionally lead to inconsistencies, so please be aware of that.
Yes, without a doubt. With the help of our platform's notification system, you can get notifications regarding delays, changes in the train timetable, platform numbers, and more. You need to select the service to get alerts by email or SMS, ensuring that you are kept informed about any changes that might have an impact on your travel plans.
Yes, we do offer a mobile app specifically for iOS and Android devices. It is available for download from the relevant app stores, giving you a simple and practical method to keep track on the status of trains while you're on the move.
You can choose the date that your train departed from its source station while checking the live train running status for your train. You can select the date that the train left its source station if it arrives at your station on the third day after that date.
The Indian Railways' train inquiry number is 139. Rail Madad is an integrated hotline that connects callers from all around the nation with train information.
The position of a coach on a train is where it is in located close to the engine. If the coach position number, for instance, is 8, it indicates that the coach is the 8th coach beginning the engine. You can use Adani One to track the live status of your coach.
On Adani One, look for the name and number of your train to find out whether it has been postponed or not. This information on the trains live running status is immediately available to passengers. The most recent information regarding every train is included here, as well as its precise location. In addition, Adani One helps you regarding IRCTC ticket booking at any given point in time.
The engine that pulls or pushes the train has a GPS-enabled gadget mounted on it. The gadget follows the locomotive’s departure from its starting station and gathers information on all the stations the train will pass through in its journey. In this way, we can track the location, speed, and any delays of a train trip.

The Spot your train feature may not always provide you with the information you need. This may be the result of any of the following:

  • The specified train number or train name is invalid; hence the operating train’s live running status cannot be obtained.
  • Any particular train does not run on the chosen date.
  • Sometimes information cannot be obtained from the Indian Railways system owing to network issues or congestion.
  • Due to poor or no internet network on your device, this information cannot be collected while checking the live train running status on your mobile device or laptop.
You can use Adani One to view the expected time of arrival (ETA). You need to simply put the five-digit train number or the train's name in the 'Train Running Status' section on the app. Next, choose the departure date from the source station. This will show the time when your train arrives and depart from the station where you will board it. Also, you can check the IRCTC live traction status by sing Adani One at any given point in time.
Your train number and the station's STD code are all you need to check the live train running status on your phone through SMS. Send AD XXXXX YYYY, where XXXXX is the five-digit train number and YYYY is the STD code, to 139. For instance, AD 13796 0587 Keep in mind that this SMS service comes with a fee and is provided by the Indian Railways.
Any delay or halt frequently causes the status of running trains to change. You can now simply search for trains on your phone Adani One, as this helps from having to repeatedly go to the assistance desk at the crowded railway station. You can quickly locate your train and learn its arrival and departure times with the help of live train status. Before boarding the train, you must often check the updates; as the arrival time approaches, you will be able to locate your train with more accuracy. It is also worth mentioning that you can also check train PNR status at any given time to ensure to have all updated information about your train reservation.
When the internet connection is unstable, the offline live train running status is helpful. You may use the estimated train status chart during the trip once downloading it.
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