Whenever you are travelling or planning to travel, you often have this questions that ‘where is my train’ or ‘where is my train now’. This is something which passengers would want to know before or during their trip. This is especially helpful when you plan a longer journey. For the same, passengers can now check and track train live status on Indian Railway official website.

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Know Trains Live StatusKnow Trains Live Status

Know Trains Live Status

The passengers need to know their trains live status, as it helps their effective planning so they may board the train and travel comfortably after. The ‘Train Live Status’ feature on Indian Railway website makes it simple for passengers to check the information on the present location of Indian Railways trains, trains live status, delays and trains expected arrival and departure times.
Different Ways to Spot IRCTC Train OnlineDifferent Ways to Spot IRCTC Train Online

Different Ways to Spot IRCTC Train Online

To find out if your train live status, you may use a variety of internet resources or the Centre for Railway Information System (CRIS) website, which is supported by the government. If, for example, you are taking the Sealdah Rajdhani (train number 12314) from New Delhi to Kolkata, all you need to do is put your train number to find the location of the mentioned train. The linking page to the website shows the start date of the trip, then display the train's status, the station it is at, if it is delayed, and how many hours and time it is delayed for. You will only know the name of the station, for example, Mumbai, but also the platform number on which the train is put up. Central aware of the platform the train is on in addition to the station's name, for example, Kanpur Central. This also entails the overall distance covered by the train.

Important Things to Know Before Checking Trains Live Status

For travellers to track their train online, they must always have access to the trains live running status. Any passenger requires one of these two specifics to find out a train's status:

Travel Date: The date of the trip is mentioned on the ticket and in the text message that IRCTC sends to the registered cellphone number once a ticket is booked. On the day of the trip, the passenger must board the train.

Train identification: Each train has a unique 5-digit number issued to it. For instance, number ‘12309’ is issued for the RJPB Rajdhani Express. The train's number identifies it and indicates the direction it will go.

Source and destination railway station name: The source station is where the train journey begins, and the destination station is where it concludes. For instance, the Patna-New Delhi Rajdhani Express begins its voyage in Rajendra Nagar Terminus (Source) and arrives at New Delhi Railway Station (Destination) at the conclusion of the journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can check the trains live running status on Indian Railway NTES website. You need to put your train’s number and or name of the train, then you can get the live status of the train.
When the internet connection is unstable, the offline live train running status is helpful. You can use the estimated train status chart to check the live train status during the trip after downloading it.
To keep up with any delays or last-minute changes in the arrival or departure status of the train, you need to check the trains current running status on the day of your trip. This not only helps you to organise your trip properly and keep informed but also indicates whether you could have or need to do tatkal booking in case of much delay.
You can go to railwayenquiry.net and select the 'Train Details' drop-down option to see if your train has been rescheduled or not. To check for postponed trains, go here and then choose the desired date, then select 'Search' from the menu.
For small stations, the live train running status updates might not always be provided. The station master decides which platform a train will arrive on based on past arrival data, current train activity on the track, delays for certain trains, and cancellations for any trains. When you check the live train status online, this information might not have been updated in the Indian Railways system.
Visit Indian Railway NTES website and use the 'train platform locator' feature to check the platform number of your train. You need to put your train's name or number to find out which station's platform it will leave from.
You can dial the 139 Indian Railway helpline number and follow the instructions to select the language. To find out more information about the train's arrival and departure status, press the indicated button to verify train running status.

The Spot Your Train online function may not always provide you with the information you need. This may be the result of any of the following:

  • The specified train number or train name is invalid; hence the trains live running status cannot be obtained.
  • Some specific trains do not run on the selected dates.
  • Sometimes information cannot be obtained from the Indian Railways system owing to network issues or congestion.
  • Due to poor or no internet network on your device, this information cannot be collected while checking the live train status through your mobile device or laptop.
You can go to railwayenquiry.net and select the 'Train Details' drop-down option to determine whether your train has been cancelled. Select the date you want to examine by clicking on ‘cancelled trains’ below, and then select 'Search' from the menu.
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