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Information Desk

Whether you are looking for airport or flight information, have a travel-related query or need help with directions, our dedicated information desks set at all airport touchpoints will help you with all the information and get you on your way. 

Our customer service executives man the Information desks to ensure you are rendered every assistance you require. In case you are unable to locate our customer service executives, please contact our 24x7 helpline service.


Terminal 1

Arrivals, Belt 4

Terminal 2

  • Near Departure, Gate 1 (For Wheelchair Assistance)
  • Departure Kerbside Area, East and West Side, Near Elevator
  • Departure (behind check-in island D)
  • Departure (behind check-in island K)
  • Retail Area (for domestic passengers) at Level 3
  • Retail Area (for international passengers) at Level 4
  • International Arrival Hall

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Frequently Asked Questions

The information desk at CSMIA is the go-to place for passengers who require any information regarding flights, airport directions, or any other travel-related query.
Information desk serves the passengers 24/7.
Yes, the contact number of the airport help desk at CSMIA 022-66851010.