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Bhubaneswar to Agra Flights

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Do you wish to book a flight ticket from Bhubaneswar to Agra? Adani One will show you the complete flight status and an airfare calendar with the lowest prices to help you choose the best deal, whether it’s a ticket for a Bhubaneswar to Agra flight or a return trip ticket from Agra to Bhubaneswar.

The best part is that everything is simplified for you. Just go to Adani One, and fill the search fields with details such as origin city, destination city, traveller information, and date. That’s it! Pay via any of the listed payment methods and you’re done with the booking. Flights of all the major carriers including Vistara, SpiceJet, Air India, GoFirst, IndiGo, and JetAirways are listed on the platform. You can compare the prices of different carriers on different dates to reap maximum benefits.

There are no direct flights on the Bhubaneswar to Agra route. However, IndiGo operates connecting flights from Bhubaneswar to Agra via Mumbai about three times a week. The duration of the flight can be anywhere between 6 hours 35 minutes and 8 hours 15 minutes depending on the travel date and the layover time. Simply follow the easy steps on Adani One and you'll be able to fly from Bhubaneswar to Agra in no time.

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Flights from Bhubaneswar to Agra


About Agra Airport

Agra Airport, also known as Kheria Airport, is a domestic airport located about 5 km from the city. It is a military airbase and a public airport connecting Agra and the surrounding towns. The airport has a single terminal with two boarding gates. Besides that, five check-in, two security counters, three immigration counters, and four customs counters are also available.

Travellers can also take advantage of free trolleys, a lost and found baggage counter, transit passenger restrooms, an on-call medical centre, and other services. In addition, a tourist information centre is located in the terminal building. Cafeterias and various kiosks can also be found across the airport.

Several major airlines, including IndiGo, SpiceJet, and Air India, operate at the airport. It connects Agra to many prominent Indian cities, notably Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kolkata.

About Agra

Agra is a fascinating tourist attraction nestled along the Yamuna River banks. The Taj Mahal, a world-famous monument, is also in Agra. Not only that, but the town is full of ancient landmarks that highlight the Mughal Dynasty's past and legacy. There are tombs, religious monuments, and the Yamuna River. Moreover, Agra is a multicultural city. It hasn't lost its gleaming mediaeval aspect.

It is well-known for its Mughal architecture and culture. For such an extensive and rich history, it's no surprise that Agra is one of India’s most prominent tourist destinations. Agra is a culturally diverse city where people of various religions, including Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and others coexist peacefully.

Agra was Akbar's capital. As a result, there are numerous architectural wonders related to the Mughal style to admire in this city. UNESCO has designated the sites of the Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri, and Agra Fort as World Heritage Sites. A usual tourist to Agra stays for one or two days to see everything the city has to offer. This neighbourhood has various impressive features, ranging from great local cuisine to Indo-Persian architecture.

Agra has much more to offer travellers than just its famous landmarks. Agra's history, architecture, and romance add to its attractiveness, making it a must-see for anybody who lives in or visits the city. Moreover, Agra is now the most-visited city in Uttar Pradesh.

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Agra Fort

Emperor Akbar designed and built the Agra Fort hundreds of years ago. Nestled on the banks of the Yamuna River, this fort is a unique monument in Agra made out of red sandstone. The Taj Mahal is another monument located approximately 2.5 km from it, which represents Mughal art and architecture.

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Fatehpur Sikri

It is the glory of the Mughal Empire. The city was established and made capital by emperor Akbar of the Mughal Dynasty in the 16th century. It is around 36 km from Agra. Furthermore, the monuments in the city are predominantly made of red sandstone, which is a unique aspect of the city. These include Jama Masjid, Buland Darwaza, and Jodha Bai's Palace. 

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Itimad-ud-Daulah Tomb

The first mausoleum in India made completely of marble, Itimad-ud-daulah is a tomb of the court minister of Shah Jahan. It is around 7 km away from Agra’s centre. Moreover, the tomb seems to be an ornament box. Its architecture is predominantly Indo-Islamic, with arched doorways and octagonal-shaped fortifications.

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Taj Mahal

It is one of the tourism boosters of Agra. Being one of the seven wonders of the world, the enchanting Taj Mahal exemplifies the brilliance of ancient Mughal architecture. Shah Jahan erected this wonder as a tribute to his third wife, Mumtaz Mahal. This enticing monument is approximately 5 km away from Agra’s Centre.

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Akbar’s Tomb

Akbar’s Tomb is one of the highlights of Agra's heritage. It is nestled in Sikandra, nearly 10 km away from Agra. Moreover, it is a Mughal architectural wonder that was completed in 1613. It is made of red sandstone and marble. Akhbar himself planned this tomb, which was later completed by his son, Jahangir.

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Anguri Bagh

Nestled at around 4 km from the city’s centre, this garden is found on the grounds of the Agra Fort's Khas Mahal. Moreover, it is a huge charbagh or, say, a four-compartment-styled garden. Built in 1637 by Emperor Shah Jahan, this garden was a towering refuge of leisure and enjoyment for the emperor.


About Biju Patnaik International Airport 

It is located in Odisha's capital city, Bhubaneswar. Biju Patnaik International Airport (IATA: BBI) is the only international airport in the state. The airport lies 3 km from the city centre and is reachable by public transportation.

The airport has two terminals interlinked with each other. Inaugurated in March 2013, Terminal 1 is a cutting-edge infrastructure built to manage 4 million passengers per annum. The new terminal boasts the most cutting-edge domestic arrivals and departures facilities, in addition to meeting green construction criteria. Terminal 2 at Bhubaneswar International Airport handles international flights.

The new terminal at Bhubaneswar Airport provides plenty of facilities for passengers. The terminal's walls are adorned with tribal patterns, masks, and sculptures that portray Odisha's rich cultural history. The airport also has spas and various high-end lounges.

About Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar, often known as the Temple City, is a spiritual and religious pilgrim's paradise. Formally established in 1948, the old city of Bhubaneswar dates back to around the third century. The city is a great alternative for nature enthusiasts or those looking for some relaxing time in a serene and lovely setting. It is a magnificent combination of old and new, where contemporary aspects blend in beautifully with the city's historical setting.

Oriya is the most commonly spoken language in Bhubaneswar. Other languages, such as Hindi and English, are spoken as well. Jains, Buddhists, Punjabis, Marwaris, and Bengalis are among the linguistic community groupings that inhabit the city. The city is also recognised for its popular folk dances. Classical Odissi dance, craftsmanship, and other artistic expressions highlight the culture's rich legacy.

Bhubaneswar is a tranquil and picturesque city in Odisha, housing over 700 temples. One can assume that there is a shrine in every nook and corner of the city.

Bhubaneswar is also known for its beautiful parks and trekking opportunities. Some wonderful sites you should see during your holiday include Ekamra Kanan Garden, Mukteswara Temple, Lingaraja Temple, Dhaulagiri, Udayagiri and Khandagiri Hills, and Indira Gandhi Park.

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Rajarani Temple

A trip to Bhubaneswar is not complete without a stop at Rajarani Temple, which is known for its magnificent sculptures and wall art. Located around 8 km from the city centre, this temple is famous by the name “Love Temple” and “Indresvara Shiva Temple.” Though the temple is believed to be dedicated to Lord Shiva, it has no presiding deity in current times.

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Bindu Sagar Lake

Bindu Sagar Lake, a tourism booster in Bhubaneswar, is one of the city's and eastern India's most revered lakes. According to legend, Lord Shiva constructed Bindu Sagar Lake by collecting water from all the sacred locations to quench Goddess Parvati's thirst. It is well-known by the name “Bindu Sarovar” and is around 4.5 km from Bhubaneswar Railway Station.

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Dhauligiri Hills

Dhaulagiri Hills, a heritage landmark on the Daya River in Bhubaneswar, is one of the best spots to visit in the city. Dhauli is noted for its remarkable Ashoka rock carvings and its tranquil and peaceful surroundings. The exquisite Shanti Stupa is adorned with stone panels. It is around 8 km from Bhubaneswar.

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Lingaraja Temple

Lingaraja Temple is one of Bhubaneswar's most magnificent and historic temples. Lord Harihara, the combined incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, is honoured in this temple. This enormous temple was built in the 11th century by King Yayati Keshari of the Somvanshi Dynasty and is only 5 km from Bhubaneswar Railway Station.

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Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves

Located at nearly 7.2 km from Bhubaneswar's city centre, Udayagiri and Khandagiri caves are the most important religious and cultural attractions of the city. These two caverns represent one of eastern India's oldest groupings of Jaina rock-cut constructions. Furthermore, these old caverns are placed between Udayagiri and Khandagiri, two peaks.

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Mukteswara Temple

It is a historic temple in Bhubaneswar devoted to Lord Shiva. It is recognised for its beautiful woodwork and superb architectural work. This temple, located 8 km from Bhubaneswar city centre, is also known as the "Gem of Odisha Architecture."

Frequently Asked Questions

You are permitted to bring your medications. Please check that nothing on the prohibited items list is present. You also must carry a valid prescription

You can approach the airline staff and present your boarding pass and information about your misplaced bags. 

The aerial distance between Bhubaneswar and Agra is approximately 1103 km.

Since the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic have subsided, Agra's airport is now operational at full capacity. Before entering or boarding, the airport still conducts temperature and immunisation checks. 

Below are some places to visit in Bhubaneshwar: 
  • Mukhteshwara temple 
  • Indira Gandhi Park 
  • Ekamra Kanan 
  • Kanji Lake 
  • Bindu Sagar Lake 
  • Dhaulagiri hills 

The winter months from October to March are ideal for visiting Agra. You may enjoy your trip even more enthusiastically because the weather is gorgeous and pleasant during these months. 

Different airlines have different policies regarding bringing food on board. So, it is always recommended to check the airline's policy.

No, Agra airport is a domestic airport; some military operations are also carried out at the airport. 

Bhubaneswar Airport is roughly 3 km from Bhubaneswar city centre. One can take a taxi, bus, or cab to travel the distance.

Yes, Bhubaneswar Airport has various duty-free shops that sell chocolates, fragrances, cosmetics, and alcohol.

A list of a few hotels near Bhubaneswar airport is given below. 
  • The Presidency
  • The Adventure Luxury Hotels
  • Lemon Tree Premier
  • Fortune Park Sishmo

October to mid-March is the best time to visit Bhubaneswar. The weather is quite pleasant and cool for one to enjoy the city.

Ammunition, compressed air guns, firearms, weapon parts, knives, and scissors are a few items you can't bring with you.

There are numerous hotels located in proximity to Agra Airport. Some of them are listed below:
  • Hotel Byke Ride
  • Asha Residency
  • Osaka Taj Hotel
  • Imperial Hotel
  • Hotel Orange

BBI is the IATA code for Bhubaneswar International Airport. AGR is the airport code for Agra. 
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Agra Civil Air Terminal Kheria, Uttar Pradesh 282008

Bhubaneswar Airport Rd, Aerodrome Area, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751020