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Tuticorin to Surat Flights

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Are you looking for flights from Tuticorin to Surat with the best airfare deals? Adani One offers a convenient way to book low-priced flight tickets to any city in a few simple steps. Enter the names of the source and destination cities and check the detailed airfare calendar. You can select the most convenient flight for you from the list of flights on the relevant route provided by Adani One. Track the flight status along with the travel information on Adani One. The platform lists flights from several domestic carriers, such as IndiGo, Air India, AirAsia, and SpiceJet. Adani One offers discounted airfares and cashback offers, so you can choose the most convenient and affordable flight for you. If you have decided on your schedule, book a return trip to get the maximum discounts. Currently, there are no direct flights from Tuticorin to Surat, but there are a few ​ ​connecting flights between the cities. The connecting flights have layovers in cities such as Chennai and are operated by IndiGo. All the information regarding discounted flight tickets and offers on flights to Surat are available on Adani One.

Flights from Tuticorin to Surat


About Surat Airport

​​ ​Surat International Airport (IATA code: STV) is approximately 20 km from the city centre. The airport serves Surat and South Gujarat region. The airport has ​ ​one terminal with a passenger handling capacity of ​ ​240 per hour for arrival and departure.​ ​ The airport operates flights to major Indian cities such as Delhi, Goa, Kolkata, Jaipur, and many more. Prominent domestic airlines such as IndiGo, SpiceJet, Air India, and Star Air operate from this airport. For the convenience of the passengers, the airport provides services such as ​ ​duty-free shopping, banks, customs office, free medical assistance, restaurants, ATMs, and cash machines. ​ ​Travellers can use private taxis to reach the city from the airport.

About Surat

This ancient ​ ​port city, originally called Suryapur, is the ​ ​second largest city in Gujarat. The city is k​ ​nown by many names— Diamond City, Silk City, Green City, Bridge City, Clean City, and so on. ​ ​Surat was the first Indian city where the British set foot and​ ​ began trade in the name of the East India Company. The r​ ​emnants of Dutch and Portuguese trade centres can also be found in modern Surat. ​​ ​In the last few decades, it has been a busy port with trading ships docking from all over the world. ​ ​Today, the city is known for its diamond and textile business. With over ​ ​5,000 diamond manufacturing units, Surat is the world’s largest diamond manufacturing centre. ​ ​Surat also houses the most number of embroidery machines in the country. ​​ ​Surat is also a popular tourist destination due to its numerous beautiful beaches like Dumas Beach, Hajira Beach, and Ubhrat Beach. Among the several ​ ​historical monuments, Dandi, Sardar Patel Museum, Dutch Garden, Rang Upavan, and Mughal Sarai are must-visits for tourists. When in Surat, you should also try the delicious cuisine of the city. ​ ​Kesar Pista Badam Ghari is a speciality of Surat that you can get from Shah Jamnadas Chauta Ghariwala. ​ ​Dabeli, Khamman, Undiyu, Locho, Pav Bhaji, Khichyu, Ponk Wada, and Vadapav are some must-try street foods of Surat. ​​ ​October to March is the best time to visit Surat and explore the coastal life of the city. ​​ ​Though various festivals from different cultures are celebrated in Surat, Navratri, Diwali, and Makar Sankranti are prominent festivals celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm.


About Tuticorin Airport

Tuticorin Airport (IATA code: TCR) is ​ ​a domestic airport around 17 km from the city of Thoothukudi in Tamil Nadu. It is ​ ​managed and operated by the Airports Authority of India. ​​ ​The airport operates several flights to Chennai every week. These flights are operated by IndiGo Airlines. ​ ​The airport has one terminal that can accommodate 72 passengers at a given time and a well-maintained runway. For the convenience of the passengers, the ​ ​airport provides services such as wheelchair access and assistance to physically challenged or aged passengers, parking, city bus services for easy transport, and so on. For​ ​ passengers awaiting their flights, there is a small snack bar in the airport. The ​ ​airport is well-connected to the city through taxis, buses, and trains. The ​ ​bus station is 1.5 km from the airport.

About Tuticorin

Known as the ​ ​Pearl City of India, Tuticorin is a​ ​ famous pearl fishing town and seaport in the state of Tamil Nadu. ​ ​As several rulers such as Pandyas, Cholas, Portuguese, Dutch, and British have reigned over Tuticorin, it is ​ ​home to a diverse range of monuments that represent its glorious history. ​​ ​Tuticorin is the anglicised version of the Tamil name, Thoothukudi. It is ​ ​a great tourist place because of beaches, family picnic spots, parks, sunset views, and pilgrimage centres. Tourists can indulge in ​ ​street shopping in markets like Border Bazar, Chennai Super Bazar, and Thoothukudi Bazaar. Some must-try street foods in Tuticorin include ​ ​Salna, Karupatti Thenkuzhal, Puttu Karupatti, Paaghu, Dodol, and Chukka. ​​ ​October to March is the best time to visit this ​ ​coastal city. The city ​ ​hosts several celebrations and events in October because of ​ ​major Hindu festivals like ​ ​Skanda Sashti, Vijaya Dashmi, and Mutharamman Kovil Festival.

Frequently Asked Questions

​​ ​Yes, you can buy diamonds in Surat and also shop for diamond-studded jewellery such as rings, nose pins, pendants, necklaces, and so on.

​​ ​The entry fee varies for children and adults, with children being charged just half that of adults. On weekdays, the charge is INR 20 and on weekends and holidays, it’s INR 100 for adults.

​As the road distance between Tuticorin and Chennai is 607 km, the travel time is around 9 hours 39 minutes.

​​ ​The date of construction of the temple is not known for certain. However, the temple has been mentioned in ancient Tamil epics that are over 2000 years old.

​​ ​Surat City Bus operates local buses with a good network but one can also opt for shared auto-rickshaws and hired cabs to get around the city.

​​ ​Bombay Market in Surat is closed on Sundays but it is open from 10 AM to 9 PM on all working days.

​​ ​Established in the 6th century, Tuticorin is one of the oldest ports in India and has been used as an important seaport by different dynasties.

​​ ​Jewellery, wooden items like intricately carved caskets, Sadeli work, Silk sarees - Tanchoi, Brocade, Gajee, and garments adorned with Zari work are some must-buy items in Surat. One can get them from ​ ​government emporiums or street vendors.

​​ ​Boating, paintball, trackless train, bull rides, bumper cars, a jetty, an open-air theatre, a jogging track, and theme parks are some of the entertainment zones and recreation activities to do at Gopi Talav.

​​ ​Dumas Beach is open to the public 24*7, though the best time to visit the beach is from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

​​ ​Surti Gujarati is the most common language of the people in Surat.

​​ ​By hiring a taxi, you can reach Dumas Beach from Surat in 17 minutes.

​​ ​Tuticorin is known as Pearl City because of its prevailing pearlfish. These pearls are believed to bring luck and wealth and strengthen relationships.
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Airport Information

Surat Surat - Dumas Rd, Gaviyer, Surat, Gujarat 395007

Tuticorin Tuticorin, Airport Airport Road, Vagaikulam, Tamil Nadu 628103