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“That’s the Spirit!” – 5 Easy DIY Cocktails to Make at Home

Five classy cocktail recipes you should know.
Pooja Valecha, Guest Author 04/07/2023

The pandemic has indeed turned a lot of us into DIY kings and queens. Be it whipping up a cup of Dalgona coffee, baking banana bread, or even sourdough bread. But why stop here? Here’s a list of five easy DIY cocktails that you can enjoy any time of the day!

Cocktail #1 – Cosmopolitan ft. Absolut Vodka

You can never go wrong with a classic Cosmo!
All you need is – 50ml Absolut Vodka, 50ml cranberry juice, 1 tbsp lime juice.
Shake it hard and et voila! You just aced your first cocktail.

Cocktail #2 – Gin & Tonic ft. Hendricks Gin

We say gin, you say tonic! Isn’t that how it goes?
All you need is – 60ml Hendricks Gin, 1 (freshly squeezed) lime, approx. 90ml tonic.
In that order, add the ingredients into a glass filled with lots of ice, stir, and garnish if you like (we recommend a slice of cucumber or tangerine).

Cocktail #3 – Tequila Sunrise ft. El Jimador Tequila

A perfect sundowner drink!
All you need is – 60ml El Jimador Tequila, 120ml orange juice, 15ml grenadine (or some pomegranate juice and sweet syrup), cherry and orange wheel for garnish.
Pour tequila and orange juice on ice, stir well, and top it off with grenadine and garnish!

Cocktail #4 – Cuba Libre ft. Bacardi Rum

An elevated rum and coke, if you please.
All you need is – 60ml Bacardi Rum, 120ml cola, ½ freshly squeezed lime.
Work in reverse. Add the lime juice first, followed by ice cubes, and finish it off with rum and cola.

Cocktail #5 – Whiskey Sour ft. Woodford Reserve Whiskey

A classic drink that’s not just tangy but refreshing too!
All you need is – 60ml Woodford Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 15ml sweet syrup, 30ml fresh lime juice, 1 dash of egg white (optional).
Add the ingredients to a shaker and shake vigorously. Then add ice and repeat till properly chilled. Strain and garnish with a lemon peel twist.

Can’t wait to try these right away?
Well, that’s the ‘spirit’!